Amazon Enhanced Brand Content vs Amazon’s A-plus Content

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content vs Amazon’s A-plus Content

Amazon EBC vs A+Content

The number of sellers on Amazon increases daily. So, it is important for the sellers to follow a strategy to improve their sales on Amazon. Amazon provides a way to improve sales through content. There are two strategies used to enhance the product description: Enhance Brand Content and Amazon’s A+ Enhanced Marketing Content. There are many queries on which one is effective to enhance the brand value. Let’s understand what EMC and EBC are:

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content design:

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is available for the sellers in Amazon. This means that the seller’s brand must be authorized with Amazon’s Brand Registry. Enhanced Brand content’s advantage is that it is available for free. If the EBC doesn’t impact on your sales you can simply delete or edit the current EBC.

Benefits of EBC: 

EBC attracts a wide range of shoppers:

Enhanced Brand Content for a particular brand can attract audiences irrespective of age and sex. A better EBC can make a better impression for the brand, which helps to convert the audience into customers.

Free & provides an opportunity to increase sales:

The biggest benefit of EBC is that it is available for free. EBC also provides a way to improve the sales, provided that your content must be visually appealing for your audience.

Amazon A+ Enhanced Marketing Content design:

The A+ content is available for the Vendor Central users. Vendor Central is available for the merchants who sell their products to Amazon and Amazon sells the product to the customers.

Benefits of EMC:

EMC increases sales better than EBC:

Amazon claims that EMC increases sales from 3 to 10 %. By using EMC, the merchants get a sure shot guarantee that the sales ratio increases.

Additional content feature:

Compared to EMC, EBC provides minimum content space. By using EMC, the sellers can add additional images and content. This means that you have a space to add some more additional features for our product.

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