For every 6 out of 10 consumers who search for their desired product on Amazon, 45% of them never scroll past the first two pages. This means that ranking on the first pages of Amazon Search results is extremely critical for any seller who wants to be successful. It can be overwhelming to keep track of millions of the necessary details that can make the difference for your products selling well in the busy marketplace. Even the tiniest details can cost your product massively.

To tackle the dynamic nature of the market, one needs to cover all the aspects of Amazon to make brands stand out. But what can you do to improve your product listing so it brings in a decent conversion? Well, it turns out that there’s plenty and this is what we implemented for Foodylabs.

Case Study of Foodylabs

The following case study highlights the uprisal in sales of FoodyLabs, an eCommerce brand that engaged AMZ One Step as their Amazon Strategic Partner. It specializes in quality kitchen essentials and aims to optimize its visibility on Amazon. This scenario allowed us to help them achieve over $150,000 worth of revenue within two months. We’ll outline what we did to supercharge their Amazon sales below. The product achieved sales and gained over 20,000 visitors which had a positive impact on bringing value to the brand.

The Challenge

FoodyLabs wanted to have a great launch strategy in place for their new product, something they had missed in their previous launches. The product being in Home & Kitchen meant they had to face a lot of competition. In addition, the price point of the product was considerably high and ranking via a generic strategy would have resulted in a huge loss.

Their main goal was to have their Carbon Steel Wok rank in the top five positions for their selected keywords while increasing conversions to expand their business. With our experience of more than 500 launches, we had the right strategies in place to take on this challenge.

Our Solution

To bring in positive results for Foodylabs, we initiated by analyzing its topmost competitors to know what it would take to get to the top on Amazon Search results. Moving on, we began doing extensive keyword research to identify relevant keywords for the Wok Pan according to our criteria. We ensured to extract every possible information from numerous data analytics tools running multiple iterations on Amazon’s choice ASIN, Best Seller ASIN, Most Revenue Generating ASIN and Closest Competitor ASIN. As soon as the keywords were extracted, we optimized their listing’s backend to crawl up in organic rankings.

Our PPC strategy faced minimal challenges because of our organized and aligned method. AMZ One Step used an aggressive PPC strategy to provide an initial boost in rankings to gain page 1 placements on our keywords. We employed our Search-Find-Buy (SFB) strategy. Search Find Buy is a powerful way to rank Amazon products for high-value keywords, directing potential buyers through the use of specific keywords, thus simulating what an organic sale would look like in real-time.

In this case, we used a Facebook Ad Campaign that ran in conjunction with a chatbot. Once customers engage with the chatbot, engagers would be directed to search for the keywords relevant to our products. Once they find our product, they are instructed to make the purchase.

This might sound counter-productive but using a SFB strategy with giveaways helps maintain organic rankings, not to mention it builds up a rapport with new leads. Because using SFB can be costly, this is a great move to sustain the gains made during your PPC campaign.

The Results

Carbon Steel Wok
Carbon Steel Wok

Running aggressive campaigns was an expensive process, but it guaranteed us the first page in the first week. We initially created this estimate on the assumption that we will get the return on investment in almost a year. The above-attached images show our diversified strategy’s success, as we rank 1st on both Organic and PPC ranking for the main keywords.


The sales and traffic graphs show a J-curve trend in the sales, reaching over $15,000 per day sales. We recovered the entire campaign cost back, along with $14 000 profit in just two months. The past 30 days of PPC data represents the $6,826 worth of sales with an expenditure of $2465 on the ads, indicating a stable ACoS of 36.12%. Almost 90% of the remaining sales yielded from organic sales.



Exploring our product’s rankings, we can see that Foodylab’s Wok Pan initially maintained the top spot in the above-mentioned keyword searches after facing resistance initially. This is where an optimized listing (Video placement, A+ content, Listing Images) played a vital role in exceeding the desired result. Our team of specialists was able to handle all the product page creatives and content strategy.

FoodyLabs was also able to succeed in attaining, not just the coveted Amazon’s Choice badge for the main keyword but also a Black Friday Deal badge!

“They were helpful and always there when accommodating and always there when we had comments or questions. I would recommend AMZ ONE STEP to anyone that wants to rank good and fast!”

Remy - Foodlylabs Founder

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