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Leading rating & review platforms rank AMZ One Step among the top Listing Optimization companies:

  • Best product titles, bullet points, and product descriptions
  • Keyword research and SEO writing
  • Expert copywriters with sales backgrounds
  • Product description optimization
  • Writers from a variety of languages and countries, including the US

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Amazon Listing Optimization

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Amazon Listing Optimization

Keyword Research

Our team of SEO specialists study your particular market and competition to identify the best possible short- and long-tailed SEO keywords for you.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Listing Optimization

Based on the Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis, our professional copywriters compile the best features and benefits for your product into bulleted lists and elaborate product descriptions, all with a subtle nuance of sales writing.

Amazon Listing Optimization


Customer satisfaction is our top priority! All our clients get the chance to review and give feedback before a final round of revisions.

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We have created 500+ listings on Amazon that generate over $200,000 per month individually.

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Our Amazon Listing Optimization Packages

Amazon Listing Optimization

Full Listing

  • Keyword rich product title
  • Content designed for CTR and Ranking
  • Five bullet points
  • Product Description
  • Keywords research report
  • Competitor analysis
  • Backend search terms
  • Subject matter fields
Amazon Listing Optimization






The Best Amazon Listing Optimization Service!

Amazon listing optimization is the cornerstone to selling success, improving everything from search rankings to traffic to conversions. But it takes more than just good writing and keyword research — the best Amazon listing optimization services understand the AMAZON RANKING ALGORITHM. When you use our Amazon product listing optimization services, you get access to more than just top-level sales writers and SEO specialists. You also get our Amazon expertise, with a deeper understanding of how to leverage the Amazon ranking algorithm.

Just look at what our Amazon listing optimization services can do for you:

Keyword stuffing won’t get you on the first page of search results. Our copywriters understand when and where to use all your keyword phrases, in a way that’s both natural to readers and prioritized for search algorithms.

Appealing sales copy convinces shoppers to purchase, and with each new conversion your product listing gets ranked higher in new searches. We can trigger that snowball effect for your success!

Amazon listing optimization isn’t only about search results. Your shoppers form opinions about your brand based on what they read in your product descriptions. Our Amazon listing optimization service gives your brand a unique voice that makes customers eager to shop with you again.
Amazon Listing Optimization


Step one: Pre-listing Product Research

When creating an Amazon product listing, it's essential that the copywriting reflects your brand. Therefore, we go above and beyond for data collection while considering your target audience, top competitors, and product specifications.

We explore various sources of information before writing. Our sources include the detailed questionnaire form, raw product images, good and bad reviews on Amazon, Q&A from competitors' listings, and Amazon Editorials. We don’t just rely on Amazon-focused information. Focusing on external sources of information such as your website, Google, Quora, Reddit, eBay, and YouTube are equally profitable. Overall, the data we gather helps shape your brand's online presence on Amazon.

Step two: Detailed Competitor Analysis

We conduct thorough and in-depth research to choose your direct competitors using brand analysis report, Helium10 Xray and search page results. The selection is based on comparing estimated monthly revenue, selling price, ratings, reviews, sales trend, USPs, item quantity, and more—Creating a complete picture of your product VS most relevant competitors.

Step three: Keyword research

The goal is to reach the targeted audience and create your product's discoverability on Amazon. After identifying the top competitors in the niche, we use data-driven tools like Helium 10’s to get an accurate list of keywords related directly to your products. From here, our SEO experts will run custom filters to finalize a set of highly relevant keywords to be used in copywriting.

Step four: Copywriting and Keyword Integration

We're experts at writing product listings specifically tailored for your audience. Our deep understanding of the target consumer, pain points, and benefits allows us to create a listing that is more than just a compilation of features. Instead, we deliver information with persuasive language designed specifically around USPs to encourage faster buying decisions.

Following up, we integrate relevant keywords into the copy to maximize your product’s presence in Amazon search results. Furthermore, we include optimized Search Terms and Subject matter for the backend.

Step five: Review and Revision

After we have completed and optimized the listing copywriting, we do a final review to make sure the copywriting doesn’t include any unintended grammatical or spelling errors. Once reviewed by the project manager who has been in contact with you comes the submission part. We deliver you the copy in the form of a Google Excel Sheet that you can easily share with your team & copy and paste all text into Amazon.


Keywords are one of the most important aspects when it comes to ranking on Amazon. When you optimize your listing with relevant keywords, it increases the chance for visibility and can help rank higher in search engine results. The higher the rank the higher chance you have at getting noticed by potential customers and visitors. Customers who because of the benefit-focused sales copy especially written with consumer behavior in mind, will more likely click “Add to Cart” on your product(s). When it comes to ranking, having your Amazon listing optimized with properly indexed relevant keywords will also help maximize the organic rankings of the product for those specific keywords.

Moreover, you might be surprised how many more people could be reached with your marketing campaign if you paid more attention to the quality of your copy writing as well. What would happen? Every dollar invested into ads might return two or even three times what would otherwise be lost on an mediocre ad listing, meaning the return-on-investment would easily make up for any losses from not having enough impressions during that time period!

Therefore, optimize your Amazon product listing to increase your overall ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

here are the answers of the most common questions we asked from our valued customers.

Our content team will present you with a complete road map to optimization with the following steps; Product/ Brand Research from multiple sources, Extensive Keyword Research, and finally copywriting.

We do Title (200 characters), Features (5 bullets), Description, Backend Search Terms (250 characters), Subject Matter (250 characters) and extensive Keyword Research using up to 3 different and reliable keyword tools.

We deliver our optimization service within 3 business days.

We require you to submit us the existing link of the listing (if applicable) otherwise the main keyword with product images or your product website link (if available).

Yes, depending on the plan choice with us, we also update listings with attractive EBC.

We use an easily accessible and professional excel sheet template to cover all optimization bases in a single file.

Yes, we track listing keywords to make sure they rank and make suggestions when they need any changes to boost sales.

We offer both services.

Yes, we offer additional services for managing accounts as well.

We use Helium10 Magnet 2.0 and Cerebro. We then cross check the extracted keywords with AMZ Wordspy to decide on the most relevant ones.

Yes, we utilize the entire 250 characters of the search term by adding the remaining relevant keywords that have not been placed anywhere else in the listing.

In order to maximize the reach we fill all 5 fields with 50 characters each with the 2nd most important keywords that we find during keyword research.

Client confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. We never share client information without permission and are always willing to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements when it comes time for collaboration on projects together! However, we do showcase the work we did together through our portfolio but only with the permission of the client.

No, we simply need you to fill out our questionnaire form sent to you by the project manager. The rest is up to us!

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