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Our EBC designs are proven to help businesses grow on Amazon. The primary focus of EBC is to enhance brand equity and target the unique selling point of your product that can help your viewers in making an informed and confident purchase.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

How It Works

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content
Access & Information

Fill out the form and get a customized quote within 2 business days.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content
Pick your module

Select from available module templates or let our experts pick the best module arrangement.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content
EBC Design

We do the market research, design the banners and create the content.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content
Execution & Delivery

We deliver you the EBC within the first 3-4 days.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

We do the revisions based on your feedback.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content
Uploading (Optional)

We upload the EBC to your seller central and track it until it goes live.

Wow Moment

We have created 500+ listings on Amazon that generate over $200,000 per month individually.

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Amazon Enhanced Brand Content


  • Keyword Research (Long-tail & Short-tail)
  • SEO Friendly & Readable Content
  • EBC Design Layouts
  • LifeStyle & Infographics
  • Image Editing
  • EBC Uploading & Tracking
  • Round the clock customer assistance
  • Access to our VIP community

What Information Do I Need To Provide?

  • Product ASIN.
  • High-Resolution Images (White Background/Lifestyle Images).
  • Competitor Listings.
  • Design References (Optional).
  • Key Points to be showcased (Benefits & Features).
  • Limited Access to Seller or Vendor Central to Upload EBC (Optional).

Note: All clients will have exclusive access to our AMZ One Step VIP community.

Make Your Listing More Attractive & Appealing With Amazon EBC

The retail giant, Amazon, has emulsified both EBC and A+ Content on the same page by renaming it simply ‘A+ Content’. The feature allows brand owners to change the product descriptions of branded ASINs to showcase their products in a distinguished way.
Sellers can use A+ Content to entice customers in making informed decisions about their products by combining additional images, creative sales copy, and charts. According to Amazon, a compelling EBC can increase your sales anywhere from 3%-10%.
Enhanced Brand Content can literally help you stand out in the toughest niches by giving your customers a window into who you are and what your product is all about.
At AMZ One Step, we have the right talent to help you with your listings. Enhance your listings with our Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Service.

Eligibility Criteria

Amazon A+ Content isn’t accessible to all the sellers. The program is invite-only - you will only be able to create A+ once you’re approved by the Amazon itself.
The feature is accessible to these sellers:

  1. Brand Owners/Vendors.
  2. Sellers who have their name on the Amazon Brand Registry (ABR).

Why Us?

Our EBC can help you sell more on Amazon. It will:

  • Give your listing an attractive and appealing look.
  • Increase Conversion Rates.
  • Help the customer in making a confident purchase.
  • Reduce immediate bounce-offs.
Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Frequently Asked Questions

here are the answers of the most common questions we asked from our valued customers.

Detailed product descriptions, rich images, charts, and narrative copy makes up a compelling A+. It is a feature that allows brand owners to showcase their products in a distinguished way.

Follow these easy steps to upload A+ on Amazon.
- Head to your Vendor Central Account.
- Scroll down to the merchandizing menu and click on ‘A+ Detail Pages’.
- Select the module: you can either go for the self-service module or leave that to Amazon.
- Name your project so you remember what it is about.
- Upload your EBC.
- Publish the page.

From an Amazon perspective, it is a program that is designed to give brand owners increased control over their products. With Brand Registry, owners have a direct influence on their detail pages.

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