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amazon ppc service

Pay-per-click management:

Did you know that most Amazon sellers run out of their daily budget on PPC campaigns with little to no sales?

The average seller spends approximately $1200 per month on PPC, but can considerably reduce costs through effective management. While PPC campaigns are easy to setup, optimization may prove to be tricky.

Our PPC specialists work intensively to help you manage pay per click advertising campaigns and lower your costs. A customized dashboard is created using an established tracking mechanism that provides feedback on key metrics such as ACOS and CTR.

After placing an order for PPC management, our experts will contact you and schedule an online meeting to discuss details.

amazon ppc service

Schedule a call

Select our PPC monthly subscription and one of our PPC experts will reach you within two business days to schedule a call

amazon ppc service

Our Experts do the job

Our experts will conduct relevant research and provide an optimal strategy based on your budget and product mix

amazon ppc service

Delivery and Tracking

We initiate value-based bidding campaigns and conduct PPC audits to deliver optimized results

Metrics based reporting

Our monthly progress reports demonstrate the improvements in ACoS and CTR from the tweaks made in your Ad Campaigns


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