What is Amazon PPC?

What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon Pay Per Click

If you are an Amazon Seller you might come across the term called Amazon PPC. What is Amazon PPC ?? Amazon PPC means Amazon Pay Per click. This is basically the advertising platform run by Amazon. If you are an Amazon Seller you can reach to a wider audience by using Amazon Pay Per Click. Organically reaching your product to the audience takes more time and it needs patience. This is similar to running google ads. Running google ads for your products on Amazon are less effective than advertising using Amazon PPC.

There are many ways to run ads on Amazon PPC. Let’s have a briefer look into the strategies of running ads on Amazon PPC. The Amazon PPC strategy may vary from places to places and is mainly based on the audience. Millions of searches are made on Amazon every month, among these searches most are long tail searches which consists of more than 3 words in general. Most of the users in Amazon are purchase-ready customers. They search the product they want and make a choice from the list of products. The customer mostly prefers the items on top of the list. For your products to be on the top of the list, you should run an ad on Amazon PPC or else you must organically increase the reach by adding in more reviews and customers.

There are some strategies to be followed before running an ad on Amazon PPC. They are:

  1. Finding most effective keywords for your product that can convert to sales.
  2. Removing the less effective words and try not to target them as they are not cost effective.
  3. Increasing the cost of the ads for highly effective keywords.

The key amazon PPC(Homepage) tips to follow to run the effective ad campaign:

  • Find the best amazon search terms that relate to what you sell.
  • Setting up the plan for running ads.
  • Allocation of budgets.
  • Start the campaign. Start building the campaigns and ad groups that are easier to understand.
  • How to have a high Amazon PPC conversion rate?? The answer must obviously be amazon PPC optimization. Optimize your campaign based on the performance of the ads.

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