Amazon Product Photography Tricks | How Product Photography Increases Your Sales?

Amazon Product Photography Tricks | How Product Photography Increases Your Sales?

The shoppers look for proof of quality and value when they purchase an item online. This is the reason why most sellers on Amazon needs to have better photography.

Why Product Photography??

The ultimate aim of every seller is to make the customer buy their product. This can be easily done by visually displaying your product. This is done by Product Photography. Product images increase the trust and also make the shoppers engage and convert them into customers. Many sellers think that this is everyone’s cup of tea, that’s not true. There are some tricks that can make your product look amazing even if your budget is under 50$.

E-commerce product photography can be subdivided into 2 types:

1) The simple white background, the product only photographs

The simple white background, the product only photographs: This is the most used product photography style in every e-commerce platform. White backgrounds make the product look more vibrant. Product only images emphasize the product details. High-resolution images are always preferred by shoppers. So, use a better camera to capture your product images.

2) Lifestyle photographs

Lifestyle photographs tell the story of the products. It shows how the products get implemented in real life. Shoppers get interested to know about the application of the item in real life. So, having a lifestyle photograph of the item gets more audience.

Tips for Amazon Product Photography on less budget:

  1. Use a whiteboard or clear white paper as a background.
  2. You can use your home or office table as a shooting table. Clip the white paper onto the table.
  3. Lightbox: You can make your own lightbox by using any clear plastic box and covering the inner side of the box with a white sheet. This helps to distribute the light evenly. Use a high beam torchlight and place it on the sides of the box.
  4. Use a tripod for the camera to avoid disturbance.
  5. Choose the right camera: Avoid a wide lens, choose the right aperture for the perfect shot.

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