Tips for Amazon Listing Optimisation

Tips for Amazon Listing Optimisation

The most asked questions in the Amazon Sellers Central blogs are mostly on the Amazon Listing Optimizations. There is a list of Amazon listing optimization tools and Amazon listing optimization services that the Amazon Sellers can avail. The tools and services reduce the burden of Amazon Sellers and let them concentrate on the business alone. But if you are not able to afford for such services then it is high time that you need to know about the basics of the Amazon Listing Optimisation. Here are some tips suggested by the Amazon SEO experts that you must keep in mind in order to have a better sale on Amazon.


Knowing the content:

The areas where you can perform Amazon Listing Optimisation are:

  1. Product Title
  2. Product Description
  3. Product Images

A great product page must contain:

  • A keyword satisfying title.
  • A minimum of 5 bullet points that tells the best feature of the product.
  • A detailed product description

Amazon Listing Optimisation is done to develop a better product page.


Optimising Product Title:

Product title is the most important part of the product page. It must have the greatest number of keywords in order that your product gets listed on the search results. The maximum characters that the Product Title can hold are 200 characters. Amazon Listing Optimisation must be carried out giving due importance for the product title

Things not to miss: brand name, the quantity of the product and also some of the unique feature of the product.


Optimising Product Description:

You can add as much as possible information about your product under the Product Description. Try to bullet point all the key features of your product. This helps the user to easily find out why your product is unique. This helps in your conversion rate. Reviews make the users to but a product, if your product doesn’t have reviews then product description remains the reason for the users to buy your product.


Optimising Product Images:

Product images is also another factor for the user to make the buying decision. Amazon Listing Optimisation has no place here. Optimising the Product image is to make the users buy your product. This doesn’t affect the ranking directly but has an indirect impact on the buying decision of the user.

Make sure that the product images are of high quality featuring every detail of the product. Use a video or at least a single lifestyle image depicting how the product is used in real life.


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