vs || Which is better for FBA sellers? vs || Which is better for FBA sellers?


We all are sentient that Amazon is the most popular online store in the USA as well as Canada with more than 310 million active user customer accounts worldwide. (USA) and (Canada) have their own praiseworthy aspects and shortcomings. Let us jot down a small number of differences between selling at vs

Size of Market

Canada has an estimated population of 36.95 million whereas in the USA it is 326 million approximately. Canadian Amazon sellers can face a challenge because the market is very diminutive.  For example, when you sell around 10 articles a day on, in you can sell approx 100. It is a huge difference to cope with. Although the augmentation of e-commerce taken as a whole outpaces the US, Canada simply has a much smaller souk of consumers.


The number of products listed on is 488 million as compared to in where it is 133 million. We can unmistakably see that competition is fierce in the USA. With less competition, one can thrive and grow faster in Amazon ca. If one chooses, the right product by doing a competitor and product survey, then gives tremendous profits due to lack of competition.


Lack of competition can get you more prices. When the demand is more than supply, the seller can keep the high price. However, Canadian Amazon seller needs to mull over the final price the customer pays with shipping integrated to ensure it is not too high-pitched. In addition, the seller has to be careful to consider the exchange rate though when listing your items – the Canadian and US dollars are often not in harmony.

Sellers have to make sure their prices are not too far above the ground since Amazon Price Comparison Tool facilitates cross-border shoppers to relate prices speedily and easily. Even product selection on Amazon Canada vs Amazon USA is effortless by searching respective websites at once.


The shipping cost for the sellers in Canada will be more than in the USA. Being a huge country with a reasonably minute population, transportation costs are usually higher than in the US. In addition, the shipping options are also less in Canada as compared to the US. This would add the cost to the product to the consumers. One can always use the fulfillment by Amazon option. Sellers just have to sell their products and FBA will do the rest.

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