Who wouldn’t like to increase their Amazon sales whether you are a new FBA seller or just a beginner? More sales is the only ultimate goal all sellers have. We have identified 5 ways to boost your Amazon sales instantly.

Disclaimer: These ways only work if your niche or market has potential of any sales. If your customers are not interested in your product then you may not see results.


Some of these techniques are free and some may cost you some money!

If you implement some of them on your listing then I am sure you will see results faster than you think.


  1. Create a coupon code: This may sound like you are losing money on each sale but that is not true. You have to increase sale price of your product and then create a coupon code for the same dollar amount you increased.


Customers assume that your product is high value and they are getting a good deal. The fact is that you are still selling at the same price you are selling before. https://www.veterinary-practice.com/ alprazolam online in pakistan   Customers love to get better deals and it make them feel happy that they bought something high valued and saved money at the same time.


Another reason why I like to coupon codes on my listing because orange coupon tag looks beautiful on a listing and it is very eye catching. This will help increase click through rate of your listing.




  1. Change your product images: Check your competitor’s listings and see if they have better images than you. If yes, then it is time for you to change your images as well.


Customers do not have luxury of touching or feeling the product. They will only be convinced by the quality of your images. First thing customers see while shopping online is the main image. Try to take advantage to this real estate provided by Amazon.


Think of this like a YouTube, Bad thumbnail less views and good thumbnail more views.


You may think you have excellent photos but take a second opinion and ask your friends or family and see how they look as compared to your competitors.


Product photography is the little expensive but it is worth it. Contact AMZ One Step for any photography services.


  1. Start or Optimize your PPC Campaign: PPC is the most preferred way of advertisement of Amazon itself and the most effective sales booster for you.




Because your ad is shown in front of thousands of people who are ready to buy your product with their credit card in hand and your sale is just one click away from them.

You product may have ranked on top page but PPC is still equally important as new listing. For ranked listings you want to reduce your bid but do not stop PPC. You will be surprised how many sales come from PPC only.


Let’s say you are running PPC and still not getting sales. Do not worry, take a deep breath and start optimizing your PPC campaign.

Check you ACoS of your product and see if you are running a manual campaign or automatic. I recommend running automatic and manual at the same time.

Check which keywords are getting your more sales and which keywords are losing you money. Reduce bid on losing keywords and add some extra keywords. Automatic campaign can be costly sometimes and you can pause that campaign if you wish too.

If you need some keywords data then feel to contact us. We will provide you 100 keywords for free.

  1. Start a lightning deal: Best way to instantly boost your sales and sales rank on amazon is through lighting deals. Amazon charges some fees for featuring your deal in its gallery. Lightning deal lasts for few hours and will instantly boost your sales.


Lightning deals helps ranking your product in front page and that will help you in making more sales in future.


  1. Optimize you Keywords SEO: Many customers search for products using different kinds of keywords. For example Buyer A searches for changeable letter board and Buyer B searches for Felt Letter Board. It is very important to include all keywords in your listing.


Try changing Title, Bullet points, Description and Backend keywords.


If you need help with listing optimization the feel free to contact us.



There are many other ways you can boost your sales. These are the few we discussed in this blog. You can subscribe to our newsletter for blog content like this.


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