Steps to Ship to Amazon FBA from China

Steps to Ship to Amazon FBA from China

If you want your products to ship to Amazon FBA, then it could be bewildering. The list of policy and regulations for FBA shipment could become taxing and if not followed thoroughly could put you in the hitch. Here are some steps to ship to Amazon FBA from China

One could trail the following methods to ship directly to FBA from China.

Freight Forwarder

Hiring a freight forwarder would help you clear your delivery through customs and then orchestrate the domestic shipping to Amazon.

You have to make sure that the products you send to Amazon are packaged and labeled, as they require them; otherwise, they can reject your shipment or charge you excessive preparation fees.

Shipping Plan

To prepare a shipping plan, one must follow the packaging and prep requirements by Amazon as per the product you want to sell.

For further product-specific requirements, you can go through a preparation matrix by Amazon.


Products must have FBA labels to be permitted at the Amazon FBA. Since you are directly shipping the products, you will have to ask the manufacturer to label each carton before delivery. One needs to ensure that each package should have a barcode on it that needs scanning. Since you are shipping it directly, you need to train your manufacturer to label products with an FNSKU.

Shipping Method

After finalizing and previewing the order, you will have to select the shipping method. It can be either Small parcel delivery (SPD) or less than truckload delivery (LTL).

Amazon has mentioned the requirement for both SPD and LTL. After following the instruction, your shipment is ready to go.

Inventory Placement

While shipping directly, the biggest headache is shipping to multiple Amazon warehouses. By choosing inventory placement, you can avoid the cost of shipping your products to multiple locations.

Shipping your products directly to FBA from China could be a risky affair. To avoid any problem related to quality or packaging or labeling one can hire an intermediary to verify the same.


To ship the products from China to Amazon the seller can hire middle-men in the USA. The best part of using this method is that you could have a quality check before sending your products to FBA. The seller can have one consolidated shipment broken into small packages for the inspection purpose. This will avoid the room for errors.

The problem of this method is that the seller would have to hire a person or do the inspection himself. This will increase the cost, and if you were doing it yourself, it would increase your time.


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