Strategies to Gain More Reviews on Amazon FAST!

Strategies to Gain More Reviews on Amazon FAST!


Strategies To Gain More Reviews On Amazon – Verified reviews and unverified reviews have become very imperative for the sellers as they facilitate in gaining more traffic and perk up your sales. However, getting verified purchase reviews is a challenge in itself. In the past, sellers could get good reviews by giving away their products free or at a much-discounted rate. The customers started showing a lack of trust in these reviews.

Therefore, to regain the trust of consumers and stop this malpractice Amazon banned incentivized reviews. This has made it a fair game among sellers.

Now, gaining Amazon reviews is more important than ever because customers rely on them and purchase products keeping them in mind.

To get more reviews on Amazon, sellers can adopt the following techniques.

Create Email List

An email list is a tedious and slow process. It will take time, but it is worth the wait. Amazon does not allow sellers to contact Amazon buyers outside Amazon. You can ask them to give reviews on Amazon itself. More the reviews, more the customers will be keen on buying your products.

For this, we can start with a simple order confirmation email. Before the customer leaves a negative review on site, it is better you ask them about the product and how satisfied they are on email. By solving their query on the email itself, you may be able to convert a depressing feedback to a positive one.

Product Insert

Product insert does not mean to incentivize the customer. Good packaging with product inserts will help reduce the negative feedback. In this insert, you can thank the customers for buying your products and appeal to them to pen down an Amazon review.

Professional Help

Customers are quick to write negative feedback than a positive one. This makes the situation worse for sellers. Review management tools help you get feedback and increase the reviews in a legal way.

There is a lot of Review management software available in the market that would help you boost your reviews and in turn sales. AMZ Finder, Feedback Five and Feedback express are just the names of few of them.

In addition, one can join the Amazon Vine Program or Early Reviewer Program to get honest and unbiased feedback from customers.


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