10 Tips on How to Sell Branded Products on Amazon

10 Tips on How to Sell Branded Products on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to start selling products and earning some bucks. As the world’s biggest e-commerce platform, it has third-party sellers a chance to make a living without the need for physical shops.

You can sell Branded Products on Amazon, but there are lots of things you need to accomplish and some rules to follow. Nonetheless, you can successfully sell branded products on Amazon with these smart and easy tips.


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Find your Niche

Before you decide on which products you want to sell on Amazon, you should first find your niche. Basically, this is a specific industry or market you want to enter. If you have a great interest in health and fitness, you can look for weight loss products, exercise equipment or herbal products and see if they are likely to be profitable.

Finding your niche is a great way to get started on selling branded products, so choose the one that suits your interest or know-how.

Find Profitable Brands/Products

Once you find your niche, you can’t choose any product you want to sell without checking if they will sell or not. Also, not all branded products drive profit, so you have to scrupulously assess all the bestselling branded products on your chosen niche. To find a profitable product on Amazon, you don’t necessarily have to go through mind-boggling data; you just need to find something that meets certain criteria.

Register for Brand Registry

If you are planning to sell branded products on Amazon, you need to register for Amazon’s brand registry. When you apply for it, they will give you Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINS) for your products so no other seller can list the same items from your pages.

To register your brand, you will need a trademark number, images of your brands’ logo and a list of countries where the products were distributed and manufactured.

Get Amazon’s Permission to sell Branded Products on Amazon

If you’re going to resell branded products, you will need to get Amazon’s approval to sell them. Some brands are hesitant about their products being sold on different marketplaces while there are brands who only permit certain suppliers to resell their products.

You’ll also need the permission of the owner of that brand so you can use the photos of their products. If you don’t have proof of permission from the copyright holder, Amazon will give you a copyright infringement complaint.

Review All your Suppliers and Stocks

One of the risks of selling branded products is being accused of selling fake items. This is why you need to review all your suppliers and check if all the products are authentic. It will also help to keep all your invoices so when you encounter issues with your suppliers, you’ll have evidence to show them.

Sell with FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a program where you can send all your goods to Amazon and when they sell, Amazon will ship them for you. Various digital marketing and Amazon selling statistics have shown over the years that selling with FBA can increase sales up to 5 times.

Though FBA fees are higher than merchant fulfilled, your products are likely to sell faster and earn more profit. Selling with FBA  also helps you save a lot of time and energy from individually wrapping packages and shipping them.

Follow All Amazon Rules

Just like other e-commerce platforms, Amazon also has many rules and regulations and they don’t often change their policies, unlike eBay. Before you start o sell branded products on Amazon, make sure you understand all rules set by Amazon. You can find all the specific policies on Seller Central and makes sure to adhere to them. This way, you can prevent any issue or complaint from Amazon.

Win the Buy Box

The buy box can you be your key to increased sales. Notice that when a buyer clicks on one of the results, the buy box is the first thing to come up. To win the buy box, you need to sell a product or an item that no one else does or provide the lowest price including shipping. You can also create unique items by using Amazon’s bundling policy.

Describe your Products Accurately

When listing your products, create accurate and detailed information to avoid any confusion among your prospects. If consumers are not sure if you are selling the exact items they need, they are not likely to buy them. Hence, if your descriptions are clear, they will know that these are the exact products and brands they are looking for.

Respond to your Customers Quickly

When a customer sends you a message about a specific item, Amazon lets you respond within 24 hours and if you don’t, that will be a disadvantage against your account. Check your Seller Central from time to time for customer questions so you won’t miss any. If you get one, answer it as quickly as you can. This way you can also create and drive customer loyalty.

This is how you can sell branded products on Amazon. For more blogs and Amazon sellers services- check out AMZ One Step


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