Everything You Need To know About A+ Content:

Everything You Need To know About A+ Content:

How did Amazon cover the distance from EBC to A+ content and then A++ Content (Premium A+ content)? As technology is growing faster everything is updating, so do the features of Amazon.

Enhanced Brand Content was the idea of the marketing strategy for selling more and more products on a huge e-commerce market Like Amazon. It worked well and won the market. 

EBC was visually rich content that motivated the potential viewers to buy the product because it enhanced the product qualities and made it trustworthy in the eyes of the buyers.

EBC was influencing the market because people are more likely to believe what they see more than they assume. Hence the idea of visual content made its roots.

Amazon updated the feature of Enhanced brand content to A+ Content!

Amazon is a huge e-commerce market in the world. It has a lot of sellers and it adds more sellers on a daily basis. That is why Amazon gives a tough time to the upcoming seller for surviving in this competitive period.

To enhance the sales & earn customer’s trust, Amazon upgraded the feature of EBC to A+ Content in 2017.

A+ content
(What a picture shows, cannot be described)


What is A+ Content?

A+ content is the visual rich text HD images that show different views of the product with the enhanced text that shows its benefit to the customers and why they need it the most? 

It is about writing a perfect piece of content that should describe the brand value and product features. It comprises close-ups and lifestyle images, Charts showing the use, importance, and significance of the products by consumers. 

Hence a perfectly written and designed A+ content makes the mind of the customer what is the product exactly they are buying, and improves conversion rate (CR), sales, and Click-through Rate (CTR) of a listing because they convince the customer in making a purchase. The purchase not only increases your revenue but also it improves the organic position of your product.

A+ content may grow the sales average from 3% to 10% by improving the knowledge about the product for viewers.

Amazon A+ content is only available for vendors!

Unluckily,  Amazon A+ Content is not accessible for all the sellers out there. It is available for,

  • First party amazon sellers that sell through the amazon vendor central (only available via invitation). It is usually used by brands, manufacturers and distributors. Vendor sellers act like suppliers while the rest of the selling procedure is done by Amazon. 
  • Approved Sellers who have registered their products from the Amazon Brand Registry Program (ABR) or Professional sellers can avail of the basic services of A+ Content.

Vendor central and seller central have some basic differences!

A+ Content costs nothing!

The basic features of the A+ content cost literally nothing. It is free of cost. These Basic features contain five standard templates for the content and it is very easy to use.

Amazon Brand Registry Requirements:

Brand registration is a very effective step to help the sellers secure a significant place on a huge online market like Amazon. It makes the products more reliable and smoothens the shopping experience. 

Fulfill the eligibility requirements to enroll your brand and become a registered seller, Amazon brand registry requires these steps:

  •  You must have an active and approved trademark of your brand in the country you want to enroll in your brand.  (Must check if Amazon accepts the registred trademark of the country)
  • Government-authorized trademark number 
  • If you are a vendor or seller, sign in to the Amazon brand registry with the same credential.  Then It will let you access all the features of the brand registry.
  • Now enroll your brand, provide the list of product categories and countries where your products are manufactured and distributed.

Now, Amazon launched Premium A+ Content or A++ Content! 

Premium A+ Content is the more modernized form of A+ content with more interesting and amazing features. Premium A+ content is designed to build a flawless purchasing experience.

A++ content makes a customer satisfied enough to convert it into a buyer hence improving the conversion rates more than usual or basic A+ Content.   

Added features of Premium A+ Content!

Amazon added different impactful features to Premium A+ Content. These are,

  • Modern High-quality, visual rich HD images

A+ content

Premium A+ feature supports the High-quality HD images that impress the visual sense of customers. These images include lifestyle images, product images with rich and specific content, etc. Amazon offers 7 different and unique templates to upload the images while in A+ content there were only 5 templates.

A++ feature offers the 800x600 or 1464×600 size that is big enough to cover the whole Amazon page while the basic A+ Content has smaller images.

  • HD videos up to 3 minutes in length

This is the brand new feature of Premium A+ Content. Now Vendor sellers can upload a high quality (720p) video up to 3 minutes featuring their products.

  • Enhanced frequently asked questions (FAQs)  

You can put some main frequently asked questions and their answers with bold text in engaging layouts. It helps the customers to clear their confusion and questions regarding the product, without getting in trouble of waiting for the response. 

  • Interactive nature for the ease of the customers

It functions like hotspot modules that answer the customer question when they scroll through the product description and qualities.

  • Mobile friendly 

Premium A+ Content is mobile-friendly, it is easily accessible on mobile screens showing most of the features.

  • Voice friendly

Many people prefer to use voice friendly systems instead of typing. Amazon A+ content fits perfectly for these users makes it more user-friendly. 

Premium A+ Content costs money!

This is the premium feature of Amazon that enhances sales of products up to 15%. It is not free at all. It charges the user from 250k dollars to 500K dollars according to the usage of features and specifications.

Let’s have a quick look at EBC, A+ Content, and Premium A+ Content Specifications!

Premium A+ Content costs money

How to build  A+ Content pages?

For Preparing a Quality A+ Content,  get the Amazon Enhanced brand content services or the services of A+ content experts to get a perfect grab on your customers.

How to build  A+ Content pages?

Self Service Module: 

This module demands your services. You will prepare all the content, upload and arrange it yourself. When you will choose a Self-service module then the feature will ask you,

  • To create a project and build the layout
  • Upload your prepared content and arrange it 
  • Review it and add

Amazon Build For You:

This module provides you the services. You will supply all the prepared A+ content and Amazon will select the layout and maintain your A+ detail page. But this module is much more expensive than the self-service modules. 

Benefits of Premium A+ Content!

Amazon A+ Content has many benefits but it varies from product to product. Make sure that your product requires an A+ Content marketing strategy.

Secondly, a well prepared A+ Content works more effectively than poorly generated enhanced content. Make sure that you have got the potential in your A+ Content. If Your A+ Content checks these points then get ready to avail of the significant benefits of A+ Content.

It catches the attention of the viewer:

A product with A+ premium content features is attention-grabbing. It somehow holds the viewer to the product and makes it easy for him to skim through the details of the products than to skip. buy modafinil uk cheap https://www.melbourneosteopathycentre.com.au/

It keeps your Product on the top:

It makes the organic ranking of the product, thus keeps it on the top. It highlights the features and functions of the products and gets the trust of the customer to click the buy button.

It enhances the conversion rate:

Product sales increase the conversion rates up to 15% than usual. It generates more revenues, more positive reviews, and ratings. 

Final verdict regarding Premium A+ Content:

Final verdict regarding Premium A+ Content

No one can ever deny the influence of A+ Content to enhance sales! 

As much as product photography is extremely important for your Amazon business, A+ is still the most effective method ever to stand unique in a crowded market place like Amazon. It pushes you up from your competitors and engages the visitors in your products. Hence it improves the conversion rates. It also pressures buyers to leave a good review that increases your positive reviews and ratings.

Positive reviews and ratings clean up your path for future sales. But It costs money so make sure to utilize the features and specs at its best to get the most of the opportunity.


Hi there! I’m the content marketing and branding specialist for AMZ One Step. I work hard to create engaging and informative content that helps our readers learn more about Amazon selling and how to make the most of their businesses. I love spending time with my family and exploring literary works when I’m not writing or working on projects.

Hi there! I'm the content marketing and branding specialist for AMZ One Step. I work hard to create engaging and informative content that helps our readers learn more about Amazon selling and how to make the most of their businesses. I love spending time with my family and exploring literary works when I'm not writing or working on projects.

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