5 Things You Need to do for a Killer Amazon Product Listing

5 Things You Need to do for a Killer Amazon Product Listing

5 Things You Need to do for a Killer Amazon Product Listing

Have you been selling on Amazon and not getting results what you were expecting? Before you complaint about low sales volume, take a look at your listing. Is it fully optimized? Are your photos are better than best seller? Is your product description in HTML format? Does your product title target specific keywords? Are bullet points keyword rich? How many back end search term keywords are you using? If answer to any of that is NO then that is the problem. First thing you need to fix that problem and then see the magic happen. You will be shocked to see sales volume go up and conversion rate will get higher.

Here are the 5 things you need to do for a killer amazon listing

  1. Keyword Rich Title – You should include your target keyword in the product title before you write your brand name. Make sure you are adding highly searched keywords in title. Also, you need to add why your product is different than others. If you are giving away something with your product, be sure to add that in title.

Words like Premium Quality, Genuine, Free can be huge conversion rate booster.

2. Product Images – Product images are the main key factor in making your listing look appealing. Images                should include one main image which shows at least 80% of the product, 2-3 lifestyle images which                      shows product in action, one dimensional image so that customers know what they are buying, one                      image showing      comparison between you and your competitors, one image showing features or any                  benefits that convince buyers to purchase from you not from competitors.

3. Bullet Points- Make sure you use all the bullets points. Bullet points should include all the features and                benefits of the product. They should also be targeting emotions of the customer or create imagination of              product being in use. Make sure to add enough words do that your listing fills out all the space so that                  the customers don’t see sponsored product’s unless they scroll down.

4.Product Description – Product description should be in HTML format. If you are a registered                                  brand seller then you must add photos in product description. Product description must include                              everything in it. Things you could not add in bullet points or title this is you second chance to convince                  customers. Add how to use product? how to clean product? For best results and other things you want                  to convey. It may differ from product to product.

  1. Backend Keywords– Buyers use different kind of words to search for the same product. You should be aware of all the search terms customers are searching for. Be sure to add all those keywords in search terms in back end of listing.


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