Is Viral Launch Still worth it?

Is Viral Launch Still worth it?

Is Viral Launch still Worth it anymore?


Is viral launch worth it? This is the question most of the private label sellers ask and it is a valid question to ask because of the cost of Viral Launch.

If you are looking to launch your product and you do not know how to rank it on front page then viral launch can be really helpful.

Once you have created an account with viral launch, then viral launch will show case your product in front of thousands of buyers who are looking for deals. During this giveaway process, you will have to create a deeply discounted coupon code so customers can easily make an decision to purchase your product.

What is the guarantee that you will be ranked on top of page 1?

According to current Amazon’s algorithm product sales play a huge role in ranking your product. Yes you will definitely see results. But replacing the sellers who are selling organically on specific keywords is not easy. You may have to continue your launch for quite some time. Here is the fact, your launch sales are coming from external sources. External sales are helpful but amazon will not replace organic sellers very easily unless your launch lasts quite some time.

Amazon keep changing its algorithms from time to time. There are rumors in the FBA sellers that amazon has changed it algorithms and now giveaways are not effective as it was used to be.

Recently in our latest Amazon sellers meet up held in Edmonton AB, we figured out that if product giveaways to rank your listing on page 1 in search terms are still working out or not?

YES, Product giveaways are still working and helping sellers to rank their product But from recent experiences of sellers, seems like product listing ends up on page 2 or bottom of page 1. Sellers are not able to reach on top of page 1 no matter how many units they give away for how many days. Organic Sales and review counts are playing major role in staying on top of page 1. Amazon is not bringing down the listing of existing sellers who are getting organic sales.


Here are few questions you need to ask yourself!

Do i have enough stock to support  the launch?

If you do not have enough stock in hand, then it is very risky to use launch services because you may lose ranking after getting out of stock

What if i lose my  product ranking?

Yes, If your listing is not attractive or optimized then chances are you can lose your ranking from page 1 really quick.

Can i rank my product without Viral Launch?

If you have your friends and family who are ready to buy your product, why not use them? Moreover if your listing looks attractive PPC will play a huge role in increasing your sales.


Product ranking algorithms belong to Amazon and they know what’s going on and how to tweak the algorithms. Amazon engineers are smarter than sellers and viral launch or any other launch companies. They can find out in minutes if a seller is getting organic sales or not? So, we recommend bidding high on PPC and optimizing you listing.

Bidding high on PPC will help you bring listing on page 1 of your keyword and if you make a sale, Algorithm finds your product more relevant to that keyword and Amazon pushes your listing and it starts crawling and slowly you will see your product on page 1. Yes I know, this is a slow and process and you don’t want to heat this but it’s true and legal way of doing business.


Let’s say now you have managed to come on page 1 by using PPC or by using giveaways method. What is the guarantee that you will stay on page 1. The only guarantee to stay on page one is to have a perfectly optimized listing. Why? Because buyers will click on your listing most likely after Seeing Eye catching main image and they will be impressed with all the photos, bullet points, title and product description.

You are silently convincing your customers to purchase your product, not your competitor’s.


I am not saying viral launch is not helpful. They are a good jump start but will not help in long run. These tools only help when your listing is fully optimized. Get you free listing optimization analysis by AMZ One Step.


Thank you for reading.


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