Amazon Product Listing Optimization (2022)

Amazon Product Listing Optimization (2022)

Let me guess. You want your Amazon listing to be the top result when someone searches for your type of product. You also want people to click on that listing when it shows up and then buys it. 

Well, there’s somewhat of a formula to make those 3 things happen. It’s called Amazon product listing optimization.

In this blog, I’ll give you somewhat of an Amazon product listing optimization (2022) guide. What it is, why you need it, and how to do it.

Now let’s get your Amazon listing to the top of page 1.

What is Amazon Product Listing Optimization?

Amazon product listing optimization is the process of enhancing your product listing to improve three things:

1. Search Visibility: How easy it is to find your listing.

2. Click-through Rate (CTR): How many people click on your listing when it appears on a page.

3. Conversion Rate (CR): How many people that clicked on your listing end up buying it.

What is Amazon Product Listing Optimization?

Consider those three points to be a funnel. If every component of the funnel is optimized, then your listing will generate more sales.



Why Do I Need to Optimize My Listing?

Now that you know what it is, you may be asking why you need it.

Why Do I Need to Optimize My Listing?

Let me lay it out for you.

Optimizing your listing is essential for driving traffic to your listing and making sales:

  1. It helps increase your search visibility so that your product shows up on pages when people search for items like yours.
  2. It helps your click-through rate so that people choose your listing instead of your competitors’.
  3. Optimizing your listing drastically increases your chances of converting people so that you can make those sales.


So How Do We Enhance the Listing?

Well, you’ll want to optimize the following:

So How Do We Enhance the Listing?

• Product Images

• Keywords

• Written Content (Title, Bullet Points, Description)

• Brand Registered Content (Video, A+ Content)

Let’s figure out how to optimize each component.

Product Images

When looking to optimize a listing, the first place to start is the product images. The product images will make your listing stand out amongst the rest when your listing shows up on a page. tramadol bestellen dokter online

If your main image can’t attract people to click on your listing, then you surely won’t be making any sales.

You wouldn’t purchase a product with dark and blurry images, would you?

Of course not.

That’s why you need professionally done images from a firm like AMZ One Step. Not only do we help you to take the best possible photos for conversion, but we also know all of the requirements when it comes to Amazon photography.

Ok, so now you have eye-catching images, now what?

Next would be…


To optimize your written content, you’ll need relevant keywords.

It’s a good idea to understand the different types of keywords first, and it just so happens I’ve written a blog about that here that you can check out.

Next, what you’ll want to do is go to a few of your competitors’ listings and grab their ASINs. ASINs can generally be found further down an Amazon listing.

For example, you’ll see the ASIN of this toothpaste is listed under the ‘Product details’.

My recommendation would be to pick maybe 5-7 competitor’s ASINs and see which keywords they are using.

You can use a program like Helium 10 or Jungle Scout to do this research.

Manually pick out keywords that you think are relevant, and now we have something to work with.

Now let’s put those keywords into the written content.


Written Content (Title, Bullet Points, Description)

Every written component of a listing poses as an opportunity to optimize your listing.

Your written content is where you need to accurately describe your product in an appealing yet efficient way.

Oh, and remember those keywords we just talked about?

All of these written components should feature keywords. 

Sometimes keywords are slightly hard to make sound natural in a sentence, so there are times when you might have to settle for slightly less than English.

Brand Registered Content

If you are brand registered, then that is perfect. If not, I would highly recommend becoming brand registered as soon as that opportunity is available to you.

Brand registration allows you to have A+ Content, which is the images and copy you see when you scroll past the initial part of an Amazon listing.

Here’s a picture of the A+ Content for Crocs (I’m thinking of getting some).

As you can see, A+ content allows you to create a more robust listing. You can include more images, infographics, and copy with keywords. It is a fantastic way to explain more or simply highlight key attributes you’ve already mentioned.

As well, being brand registered means you can add videos. It doesn’t matter if your video is instructional or lifestyle-based. Videos can give the potential customer a better understanding of your product, leading to more conversions.

The brands that conquer the top of pages are ones with their brand registered content optimized.


An optimized listing is critical to success for every single listing on Amazon. Optimizing your listing will increase your odds of attracting and converting customers, which, in turn, will lead to your rank increasing.

Here at AMZ One Step, we specialize in optimizing listings for success. Whether it’s an existing listing that needs to be revamped, or you’re just getting started, we can help. We can ensure that you will have all of the tools necessary to succeed.

If you have any questions, contact us via our website! And if you would like to stay up to date on the most relevant Amazon seller content feel free to get in touch with me on LinkedIn or on Twitter @nolanswriting.


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