How Premium EBC (Enhance Brand Content) Improves Amazon FBA Strategy?

How Premium EBC (Enhance Brand Content) Improves Amazon FBA Strategy?

Anyone looking to purchase or sell anything online will find Amazon to be a top choice. Selling on Amazon is no cakewalk. In the end, not every seller makes a profit. Despite this, you can benefit in the long term from many approaches and processes. One method that fits this description is EBC.

Enhanced Brand Content (ABC) or A+ content represents your brand on Amazon. They say that adding A+ content to product listings enhances sales. Attracting customers and making their product listings stand out is a never-ending goal for sellers. Are you excited to learn about EBC? Keep reading!

History of A+ On Amazon FBA

In the past, Amazon only offered A+ to sellers. Back then, third-party vendors weren’t as powerful as they are now. Since vendors were significant sellers that sold directly to Amazon, most improved features went to them. 

After banning most HTML tags in product descriptions, Amazon FBA experimented with Brand Registry to meet the growing demand for new functionalities. Sales from EBC campaigns should be measured. Check the sales statistics before and after EBC to see if the improved content increased sales.

Memorable Brand Experience with Amazon Premium EBC

If they want to be competitive, Amazon sellers need to build a unique brand experience. There are lots of products on the market, thus your brand needs to be seen. 

Make use of Amazon’s Premium EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) for this purpose. Sellers may enhance their product listings and wow shoppers with this powerful tool.

Video, high-quality images, and detailed writing are all examples of the kinds of engaging media that sellers can incorporate into their product listings using Amazon Premium EBC. 

Integrity Is Key

Let your mind wander to a situation where you’re browsing Amazon and stumble upon items that feature listing images with contrasting styles and tones. It’s surprising, isn’t it? Stability is highlighted by Premium EBC.

 Make sure your branding elements, images, and voice are consistent to leave a lasting and reliable impression on clients. Assume you sell a handheld blender. Make a video of it smoothly blending smoothies, smashing ice, and even mixing up pancake batter instead of depending on flat graphics. 

Close-ups of the strong blades and the leak-proof cover, as well as genuine individuals using it on the go, should be included. This visually recounts the story of your blender’s simplicity, power, and versatility, transforming it into the hero of a healthy lifestyle.

Solve Problems And Promote Customers

Product buyers invest in solutions. Make your great talent the hero who saves them from their daily problems.

Transform technological specs into practical benefits instead of talking about them. How does your product save time, boost efficiency, or solve a problem?

 Engage emotions beyond functional benefits. How does your product bring joy, peace, or accomplishment?  Your consumers should be heroes. Give examples of how your product has improved lives.

Consider more than decibel reduction when selling a noise-canceling headset. Show a busy professional focusing during office chaos, a student plowing through online tests, or a parent relaxing in a busy household. This makes your headset the ultimate productivity hero, solving stress, noise, and focus.

Spark Curiosity, Ignite Conviction

 Education and Motivation: Inspire Curiosity and Conviction

Savvy buyers are more likely to purchase. Don’t just sell; educate and excite your audience to see your product’s potential. Go beyond the basics. Explain how your product operates, its essential features, and its benefits in clear, straightforward words. Include FAQs that address frequently asked questions.

Blog posts, tutorials, and user manuals can highlight the knowledge and uses of your product. Provide clients with tips and tricks, recipes, or unique uses that motivate them to get the most out of their purchases.

Showcase how your listing images have assisted others in achieving their goals or overcoming obstacles. This motivates prospective purchasers to imagine their own stories of success.

For a camping tent, describe its weatherproofing, large interior, and easy assembly. Next, write blog pieces about family camping, survival, and campfire cooking. 

Share customer camping stories and the adventure your tent enabled. Educating, inspiring, and building a community around your product makes it the outdoor adventure hero.

Adding Enhanced Content As Amazon Creatives – 5 Easy Steps

Amazon has recently made these wonderful features available to third-party sellers at no extra cost. This is only available for a limited period, therefore it’s most likely a test. 

Discover Your EBC Muse

You have two options when it comes to EBC: Enhanced Product Descriptions (EPDs) and Brand Content (BC). EPDs are product-specific, outlining the characteristics and benefits of your product. 

BC, on the other hand, serves as a blank canvas on which to paint your brand’s story, values, and mission. Choose the course that best corresponds to your present objectives.

Explore A+ Content Manager

This user-friendly UI serves as your EBC playground. Drag-and-drop modules to create visually amazing content:

  • Highlight product features, benefits, and specs straightforwardly and interestingly.
  • Display high-resolution Amazon listing images, lifestyle images, and even infographics.
  • Put your product up against competitors, highlighting its merits.

Pick A Template

That was simple enough. What happens next? Just enter the SKU for which you want to produce Enhanced Content and you will be presented with a selection of templates. Even still, it’s quite a bit of material with a very broad line width.

Let Your Creativity Run Wild

Now is the time to let your brand’s personality shine! Create interesting copy that will appeal to your target audience. 

Use storytelling approaches to highlight unique selling aspects, and don’t forget to include a call to action that stimulates purchasing. Remember that visuals are your friends; high-quality photographs and product videos can make all the difference.

Analyze And Improve

Your EBC journey does not end there. Key indicators such as conversion rates, click-through rates, and client feedback should be tracked. A/B tests several content versions to see what resonates with your target audience.

 Continuous data-driven refinement of your EBC ensures that it remains current, relevant, and impactful. Keep in mind that EBC is a continuous process. Experiment, iterate, and most importantly, have fun! 

Examples of Amazon FBA Enhanced Brand Content

Now that we’ve covered the ‘why’ of EBC, let’s look at some examples of the Enhanced Brand Content tool in action.

The most obvious part is the display of these products, as well as how your product listing works as a landing page. Each product is jam-packed with information, ensuring the buyer gets as much information as possible while also finding the page easy to navigate.

Nature’s Assist

Nature’s Aid is the first example of excellent practice in Amazon Enhanced Brand Content deployment. The layout chosen addresses three of the most critical elements when using this tool: addressing and expressing brand identity, anticipating any product issues, and breaking down and translating your primary selling points. Each content snippet is related to the image that is aligned.


With the usage of Amazon EBC, this OGX example strives to provide an impactful and aesthetically beautiful experience. Finally, your EBC should serve as both a landing page and a shop window.

 For example, OGX guides the user through a journey of features, advantages, and ingredients – everything a buyer needs to know before purchasing a bottle.


Hoover is an established brand in the cleaning equipment industry. However, this doesn’t mean that the firm is ignoring its digital marketing approach; in fact, its marketing staff fully knows the significance of utilizing Amazon’s EBC tool. Hoover, like the last two examples, follows a basic formula for success.

The brand’s images are clean and professional, and each product’s USP is showcased sequentially, with each product’s USP supported by an action photo.

Search Engine Expertise: Become a Keyword Ninja On Amazon FBA

Consider your EBC to be an SEO gem. Weave in relevant keywords and search terms like a ninja to ensure your product jumps to the top when clients begin their buying journeys.

  • Don’t wing it with keyword research; instead, be strategic! To find out what terms potential buyers are using, use Amazon’s search bar and keyword research tools.
  • Organic optimization entails naturally incorporating such keywords into product descriptions, names, and bullet points. Avoid keyword cramming and instead concentrate on clarity and relevance.
  • Use long-tail keywords, which are precise terms that specialist audiences may look for. This might be your ticket to focused traffic.

Assume you’re selling a warm wool blanket. Instead of simply “blanket,” include phrases like “chunky knit,” “hand-woven,” or “eco-friendly wool.” Make use of terms like “winter warmth essential” or “gift for hygge lovers.” This enhances your chances of reaching the correct audience who is looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Targeted Promotions: Fuel the Desire

Don’t allow your sales and promotions to go into the Amazon void. Use EBC to display your seasonal specials, limited-time promotions, and special bundles in brilliant clarity.

Highlight the Savings

To accentuate discounts and Amazon deals, use eye-catching banners, countdown timers, and explicit price comparisons.

Bundle the Fun

Create appealing product bundles that highlight complementary items. Show how your “cozy night in bundle” mixes your wool blanket with fragrant candles and hot cocoa mix, creating alluring purchasing sprees.

Limited Edition Magic

Highlight the exclusivity of limited-time deals. To stimulate spontaneous purchases, create a sense of urgency and scarcity.

Consider having a flash sale on your wool blanket during a winter storm. Display a banner with snowflakes and the words “Blizzard Blowout! “50% off until midnight!” Bundle it with hot cocoa glasses and include a free holiday stocking with each order. This targeted offer leverages images, urgency, and value to convince visitors to add your goods to their carts.

Allow Customers to Participate in the Game

Transform your EBC from a static to an interactive playground. This increases interaction, keeps customers on your page for a longer time, and creates a memorable experience.

Product Comparisons

 Allow customers to compare your product to competitors, highlighting distinct features and benefits. Make it fun and instructive with quizzes and polls! Create quizzes to assist clients in finding the right product for them, or polls to obtain vital information about their preferences.

Augmented Reality Magic

 If appropriate, use AR technology to allow customers to digitally “try on” your product or see it in their own homes. This results in a tailored and engaging experience.

Compare your wool blanket’s warmth, softness, and sustainable materials to others with an interactive module. Add a personality-based “Which Cozy Style Are You?” quiz to recommend the right color and pattern. Interactivity keeps clients interested and encourages purchases.

Understanding EBC’s hidden gems—Search Engine Savvy, Targeted Promotions, and Interactive Engagement—will turn your Amazon listings into magnetic marketing machines. 

Remember, on Amazon, it’s not about shouting the loudest, but about creating a strategic and engaging experience that captivates customers, awakens desire, and wins.

Using Amazon Enhanced Content (EBC) to Increase Listing Images and Growth

In the fast-paced world of Amazon FBA, where discounts flash and trends pass, one important aspect often gets overlooked: long-term loyalty development. While the initial sale is critical, it is the regular consumers and brand champions who fuel long-term growth. 

This is where Amazon Enhanced Content (EBC) comes into play, transforming transient purchases into long-term connections.

Create Enduring Connections to Build Brand Loyalty

Stop using generic product pages and descriptions. EBC lets you share your brand’s story, show your values, and create good, memorable customer experiences that build emotional bonds.

Assume you sell organic teas. Tell your story about sustainable farming and fair trade sourcing instead of listing ingredients. Visualize lush tea estates and happy growers. Include video testimonials from delighted customers who praise the taste and brand impact. This storytelling style builds trust, positive feelings, and lifelong tea enthusiast relationships.

  • Show your awareness of consumer preferences by personalizing product suggestions and bundle offers using consumer data.
  • Use your tea blends to educate buyers and add value with blog posts, recipes, and brewing techniques.

Promote Sustainable Growth

Long-term investment, not fast fix: EBC. Positive experiences and brand values develop a loyal group of supporters that support your success. User-generated material and interactive contests in your EBC promote social media engagement.

Distribute Value

Identify clients who share your beliefs by emphasizing social responsibility or environmental sustainability.

Word-of-Mouth Magic

Create a sense of community and encourage customers to share their great brand experiences, organically building company awareness and trust.

Your tea EBC might include a “Tea Time Tales” part where people contribute their favorite brewing rituals and memories. Work with a local wildlife conservation group to express your support. Teach people to tag your business in their tea images to generate community and organic reach.

Though powerful, EBC is not a magic wand. Brand loyalty and growth require ongoing work. However, using EBC to engage, educate, and connect with customers on a deeper level creates a thriving brand that sells items and inspires customer love and advocacy. Adopt EBC, nourish your customers, and watch your brand become an active Amazon community.

Overcoming Common Challenges On Amazon FBA

The Content Approval Process

One of the first problems sellers face is the content approval process. Amazon has restricted rules and regulations for Premium EBC material, and any violation could end in rejections or delays. 

To overcome this difficulty, extensively investigate Amazon’s standards and ensure that your content fits with them. Use Amazon’s templates and guidelines to help you create content faster.

Localization of the Global Market

When using Amazon Premium EBC, boosting your brand’s exposure to foreign nations could be a huge issue. Adapting your information to numerous languages, cultural variances, and market preferences requires careful thought. 

Trends and Forecast 

As Amazon leads, e-commerce sellers are continuously looking for new methods to engage customers. Improved Brand Content (EBC) improved Amazon product listings. EBC increases conversion rates and consumer engagement by adding visually appealing and engaging content to product listings. Amazon Premium EBC: what next?

Animation and Interactivity

Developing beautiful pictures and interactive components in EBC grows with technology. Expect more immersive experiences including 360-degree product views, interactive product presentations, and AR integration. 

These upgraded images will make potential purchasers interested and give a more accurate picture of the products, increasing trust and desire to purchase.

 Imagine an EBC furniture seller using AR. Before buying furniture, customers can virtually place it in their living rooms to see how it looks. This interactive experience boosts customer engagement and lowers returns and discontent.

Personalization And Customization

Further personalization and customization will be important in Amazon Premium EBC. Sellers can design material for their target audience’s preferences and demographics. 

Sold content can be tailored to each customer’s demands using customer data and insights. This customization will boost brand loyalty, sales, and consumer happiness.

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Content Creation and Optimization

As AI grows, Amazon will likely automate and optimize EBC content development. To create engaging content, AI algorithms will examine customer behavior, market trends, and product data. This will save sellers time and keep their EBC material optimized for engagement and conversion.

Excellent Content Starts With Templates

An A+ page can be customized with your brand’s layout using dozens of themes. The opportunities with A+ content templates are endless. The greatest way to attract visitors and increase sales is to do Amazon product photography and add high-quality photos, HD videos, and more to your product page with themes.

  • Sellers struggled to stand out amid millions of sellers on Amazon before A+ content. Sellers can use A+ content templates to influence buyers by highlighting their product’s unique value proposition. A+ content templates let sellers add more information to product pages and influence sales. 
  • Sellers can also choose their preferred templates. Sellers benefit because they may provide as many product details as possible, describe how the product will answer customers’ problem points, how to use it, and more.
  • Brand-registered and professional sellers can use these templates to differentiate their items. The comparison chart module helps buyers choose products by comparing and contrasting.

A+ content templates are flexible. Use the A+ content manager to customize regular and advanced modules. Choose modules that suit you best.

Where Do A+ Content Templates Fall Short?

  • With the help of A+ content templates, sellers may convey the benefits of their product attractively. When compared with genuine A+ content, nevertheless, these templates vary from a few shortcomings.
  • As an example, whilst A+ content management provides five modules per page, premium A+ provides seven. As a result, there are fewer options for very interesting content with A+ content management.
  • The maximum content width for premium A+ is 1464 pixels, and for A+ content manager it’s 970 pixels. Full-width images are also available. Premium A+ material, in comparison to A+ content, delivers more aesthetically pleasing visuals. 

In most cases, the functions offered by Premium A+ content are better than those of A+ content management. Having said that, Amazon has invited only a select few sellers to use it.

Has Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Indexed?

Even though Amazon does index product descriptions, they have never indexed A+ content. Keyword searches still didn’t show up, even when the text/image option to the menu. Google does, however, continue to index A+ photos and prose. 

Better visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) is possible with this. Additionally, it has the potential to enhance conversions, which in turn can raise your rankings. With a higher conversion rate, sales go up, and you move up the rankings.

Get Ready To Amaze Your Customers 

Wait—more! Amazon Premium EBC enhances sales at an explosive rate and improves product appearance. Customers flock to intriguing content and click “Add to Cart” faster than you can say “cha-ching.” 

Don’t be a wallflower in the Amazon jungle to stand out! Use Amazon Premium EBC to bring your brand fame and profit. Having a personal stylist makes your product listings red carpet-ready and ready to steal the show.

Amazon Premium EBC is an asset in a shifting game. Grab the chance to rule the market and surprise the competitors.

 Level up your brand on Amazon today with Amz one step.


Hi there! I’m the content marketing and branding specialist for AMZ One Step. I work hard to create engaging and informative content that helps our readers learn more about Amazon selling and how to make the most of their businesses. I love spending time with my family and exploring literary works when I’m not writing or working on projects.

Hi there! I'm the content marketing and branding specialist for AMZ One Step. I work hard to create engaging and informative content that helps our readers learn more about Amazon selling and how to make the most of their businesses. I love spending time with my family and exploring literary works when I'm not writing or working on projects.

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