Amazon Product Photography Tips:

Amazon Product Photography Tips:

amazon product photography

Amazon Product Photography is the initial step that the sellers need to know about. If you look at the best-selling products on Amazon, there would a similarity in every product, the Product Photos. The sellers contemplate the rich details of the products that they sell. Here are some tips that you should know to make your products look awesome:

Technical requirements For Amazon Product Photography:

Use square images of size 1000*1000 pixels

Image formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF.

Colour: Use RGB colour space.

Try using 85% of the frame to get the perfect shot.

Amazon Product Photography Tips 1: The main image:

The spotlight is on the main image since the customers spend more time looking at the main image. The customer gets the basic idea of the product by looking at the main image. So, the image must be free of any other distractions. This is the reason why the images on e-commerce portals have a completely white background. Amazon strictly follows certain requirements for the main image.

Amazon Product Photography Tips 2: The detailing:

You can add details to the product images that you take, not by using photoshop but by highlighting the characteristics of your product on the Product image. The material used and the quality of the material, the application of the product, etc can be inserted into the product images.

Amazon Product Photography Tips 3: Experiment with your product:

The main image must meet the requirements listed by Amazon. Amazon lets you add up to 8 product images per product. Focus on how to make the rest of the 7 images more vibrant. Try using these Amazon Product Photography Strategies to add value to your product.

Highlight the benefits of the products: Use at least one image that tells the benefit of the product. This makes the customer have a clear idea of the product.

Product in Action images: Amazon Sellers must know about this strategy. This adds some value to your product. Tell the customer how many ways the product can be used.

Tell the customer how your product stands out from the competitors. Add an image stating the features of your competitor’s product and the product that you sell.


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