Amazon Product Photography – The Basics

Amazon Product Photography – The Basics

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Amazon Product Photography- The Basics

The most asked question on Quora about Amazon is “how to take product pictures for Amazon??”. Whether you take your product photographs on a high-end DSLR or a phone’s camera, you need to concentrate on the basics to get amazing captures of your product.

For a product photograph to be perfect, the photo must be crisp and detailing. The product details like color, richness, dimensions, and material of the product. You can enhance the richness of the photographs by concentrating on some features. Here are some amazon product photography tips that can make your products look more appealing.

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Seizing your product in High Resolution: To capture an amazing product photo it must not look blurry and must be appealing. Choose a camera that can do the work. The image must convey each and every detail. If your product image looks good, it creates an impression on your brand and remains the deciding factor for their purchase.

Background: Providing a white background for your product makes your product stand out. If you are not able to add a white background while clicking the product, you can add the background while editing.  If your product is white, you can slightly tweak it using Photoshop.

Photography angle: To take the right shot, you must have the right image angle. The “main Image” gets loaded when you search for a product on Amazon. So, make sure that the main image contains the front view of the product, the rest of the angle can accompany the main image.

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Making sure that no other items are there in the image: If the product images contain additional items other than the product that you sell shoppers might get confused. Make sure that your product is the only item in the product image. Amazon lifestyle photography is the most searched amazon photography-related keyword. In terms of lifestyle photography, the image quality must be of very high quality.


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