How Does Amazon Product Photography Affect Conversion Rates?

How Does Amazon Product Photography Affect Conversion Rates?

Online shopping is easy for everyone to do from home. How about the problem? It’s not possible for shoppers to feel the item. Online buyers and people who buy things in stores are only separated by pictures. If you want to increase conversions, they need to make a good first impact that lasts. But just how do they do this?

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How Can Good Product Photos Increase Conversions?

A study shows that 93% of people who buy something base their decision on how it looks.  Here are some of the main reasons why good photos of your products can help you sell more:

It can be a form of Customer Support

The people who want to buy something are going to do some research first. You can help your customers speed up the research process by giving them detailed pictures of your products.

People will not have to ask, “How do I put this together?” in the future. or “So how big is the item?” This is one of the main reasons why at least 30% of internet purchases are sent back.

Helps Keep Customers Longer

Efficient Amazon product photography is a great way to keep people interested. Just 5% more retention can bring in up to 25% more sales. Customers may be more likely to buy something if the pictures of it are clear. They also make people more aware of a brand and more loyal to it.

Product Photos Guide Customers

Leading lines help people find the subject of your shots, according to the best practices for Amazon product photography. Using colors, patterns, and other things is another way to do this.

For product pictures, the same idea applies. The way our eyes move follows a pattern. Looking for information, we pay attention to the traits that stand out and ignore the ones that aren’t important.

The free AI-powered background remover tool can quickly replace the background of your picture if you think it is too distracting.

Emotions Rule

An emotional reason is why a lot of people buy. They will do something if you make them feel perfectly fine. How you pick pictures for your site should follow the same rule. Good feelings come from seeing a good picture. A grin, a smile, or a hand movement could do it. Things that make you feel strong emotions do work.

People who are interested in buying from you are educated. People understand what you’re saying. Your audience will agree with you and connect with you better if you make them feel good, proud, and wanted. As long as you do it right, playing on people’s feelings can be very useful.


In what ways do TV ads work? The product is used by models, artists, and regular people. Praying for it, loving it, and going crazy over it. That’s what these ads are all about. The more important question is, “Why does this work?”

The reason is simple: people want a second mind. Before they buy anything, they want to feel safe. They want to be led astray. They don’t want to pick the wrong thing. They are more likely to buy something if other people are happy with it.

Pictures of happy customers on your website will help you get more sales. This will always be the way things are. Your conversion rate will likely go up just by adding a few recommendations and pictures of the people who wrote them.


It’s important to have a good pricing plan that takes into account the quality of your product, how profitable it is, and other offers that are available. Setting a price and then forgetting about it is not a good pricing strategy. You should always be trying out new pricing strategies to see what works best for your brand. 

Discounts And Promotions 

Trying out different sales, deals, or coupons is another way to get more people to buy from you. This plan can also fit in with how you set your prices in general. 

Let us say that your standard price to sell something is $29.95 and you want to see how well a sale price works. Raise your listing price in Seller Central so that the information page shows a discount. This is a simple way to test this. There will still be a deal next to “Your Price” of $29.95.

Optimize Your Product Listings

Your Amazon listing images need to be the best they can be before you can try to increase your sales rate. This includes pictures and infographics of the products, movies of the products, catchy titles, useful bullet points, amazing content, and good reviews. Additionally, make sure that the page has relevant keywords all over it. 

Would you buy from listing images that only have no bullet points and a product description that doesn’t reveal much? No, probably not.

Your ad should have all of its parts properly optimized so that you can answer customers’ questions and make their experience better overall.

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Images And Videos

One of the most important parts of your Amazon ad might even be the pictures of your products. There is no way for the customer to see or touch the goods, so you need to use professional photos, infographics, and even videos to show it off. 

Title, Bullet Points, And Description

You have a lot of room on Amazon to correctly describe what the product is, what it does, and what the benefits are. Use the space well and make sure you include important, highly searched keywords. Customers will be able to find your Amazon listing images more easily when they look.

If your product description is clear and interesting, it will help customers with any questions they may have before they buy your product. Attempt to make it simple. Customers who don’t know much about your goods or are just looking for more information may click away without buying. 

A+ Content

If you are a member of the Amazon Brand Registry, you can add A+ Content to the entries for your brand. This lets you describe your goods with more text, pictures, and infographics. 

It looks more professional, gives more information, and is easier to read than a normal product description. This is a great way to get more people to buy. 

Product Reviews

Let’s talk about how easy it is to get reviews on Amazon, especially good ones. People who are thinking about buying your goods will be helped by positive reviews. That’s why you should work hard to get more reviews and higher ratings overall. This point is more clear after looking at an example. 

Online shoppers looking for high-end watches on Amazon are more likely to be interested in items that give them a full 360-degree shots of the watch’s band, face, and even the materials’ textures. 

If the customer receives the watch and it lives up to the pictures, they are more likely to leave a positive rating and full review, which can have a big effect on other people’s decisions to buy.

Update Your Product Photos

Customers rely on product pictures no matter where they shop online because they can:

  • How your product looks
  • Steps for using your product
  • What your customers do with your product
  • What your purchase comes with

A listing for your goods with few or old, low-quality images can turn people away. If they’re looking for a good one, they probably won’t give up. Customers will instead look at similar items offered by a competitor. Hiring Amazon product photography professionals to take pictures of your Amazon products will help them sell more.

Your business can give customers all the information they need about your products if you use professional pictures of them. A picture, for instance, can help people figure out what size your goods are. People can also get new ideas for how to use your goods from pictures of it.

Professional pictures of your products can also show how good your business and products are. If your business spends money on professional pictures of your products, make sure they meet Amazon’s requirements.

Makes your Products Amazon Prime Eligible

There are more than 100 million Amazon Prime users, and all of them love the perks, like free shipping in two days. Users can even filter products on Amazon to get rid of items that aren’t qualified for Amazon Prime.

If your company wants to get more people to buy from you, you should think about Amazon Prime. When your goods can be bought through Amazon Prime, it brings in more customers. This growth could lead to more page hits, sales, and money coming in.

How Do You Get Your Products To Work With Amazon Prime?

With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), your business can sell your goods and get all the benefits of Amazon Prime. 

With this service, which costs money for storage and fulfillment, Amazon takes care of all order fulfillment and returns. With FBA, your business can not only get more sales but can also take on fewer tasks.

Influencer Collaborations

Social media stars can work with Amazon to make real, lifestyle-focused product images that connect with their fans and bring people to Amazon listing images. Sellers on Amazon can reach established groups and build credibility through real endorsements by working with influencers whose values and interests match the brand. 

By using a line of activewear or health supplements in their daily workouts, for example, an influencer known for fitness and wellness content could show how the goods fit into their life. People who are likely to buy the product will be more interested in it if the pictures show its value in a relatable way. 

Along with interesting comments and stories, influencers often list more of the product’s features and benefits, which increases interest and leads to sales.

Cross-Selling Opportunities

Let’s say you’re looking through Amazon’s lists for smartphones and you come across a picture of a sleek smartphone case sitting next to the phone itself. This visual presentation not only makes the smartphone look better but also makes people think about buying the case along with the phone.

Perfect Amazon product photography makes customers more likely to buy more by showing how the two goods go well together. This raises the average order value. 

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How Can You Improve Image Conversion?

You have the pictures you want to use in your post already, right? To get more sales and conversions, how do you make them work better? Follow these steps:

Don’t use a stock picture from the internet for the main image; make sure it takes up at least 85% of the image area and shows the real product you’re selling. You could have your post taken down if you don’t include the main picture. 

Make sure there are pictures of the item you’re selling from various views. Make sure that customers can see everything they’re getting as if they were in a real store.

In particular, if you’re selling something that needs to be set up or installed first, make sure you have at least one picture of it being used. Add pictures of people using the goods in real life so that customers can picture themselves doing that.

Display pictures of the product’s special features that will help it sell. Maybe the fact that your skin care product is made in a country, has only high-end chemicals, doesn’t test on animals, or something else that makes it stand out is your product’s unique selling point.

  • Show customers what they’ll get from buying your goods with a picture.
  • Additionally, you can add a picture of a few good reviews from past clients.
  • Let one picture of your product show all the different colors and sizes that it comes in.

Before buying something on Amazon, most people look at items from several sellers and decide which one they like best. Why would that person click on your ad, look at what you have to offer, and maybe even buy something? It’s what pictures you use and how you make the best of them. 

You can add up to six photos to Amazon, so make the most of that feature. If you want to optimize pictures with information like USPs, benefits, key features, and so on, make sure the image isn’t too crowded. In all frames, the picture should be clear and the rest of the information should be presented in an eye-catching way.

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3 Ways To Optimize Product Photos For SEO Conversion Rates

It’s no secret that you need product images if you want your SEO conversion rates to go through the roof. However, it can be hard to make sure that the product shots you use for SEO are of high quality. These four quick tips for product photos will make it easy to improve your sales rate:

Audit Your Website For Product Photo Gaps

To add more product photos to your SEO plan that will increase conversions, you must first look at the pictures that are already on your site. Write down your present product photos (if you have any) and any other photos you are using. 

Use useful tools for gap analysis and setting goals, such as SWOT and SMART exercises, to make sure that any changes you make to product photos are in line with your brand’s general marketing plan.

Also, because pictures can affect your site’s health in general, it doesn’t hurt to use free website grader tools to get a general idea of how it’s doing. If you notice that your site is slow or that there are holes in the content, for instance, you might want to change your product photos to fix the problem. 

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 Invest In Product Photo Optimization Tools

Don’t start taking products until you have everything you need. To get better at taking pictures of products, you might need to get a better camera or take a course in Amazon product photography.

Potentially, you don’t have all the tools you need to take great pictures of your products on hand. Investing in product photo optimization tools and services is a good idea.

Evaluate your website to find out what areas need the most work, and read reviews of the tools or services for product photographers that will work best for your brand. Making the purchase will be well worth it because better product pictures will lead to a higher conversion rate.  

 Refresh Your Product Photos Regularly

Offering new material to your viewers regularly is always a good idea, no matter what kind of content it is. By trying out new product picture content regularly, you can find the “secret sauce” that gets the best SEO conversion rates. 

You could even divide your product photos into groups and compare them using A/B testing to get the best SEO results. 

Bottom Line

To be a successful e-commerce seller, you should always be thinking about how to increase your sales rate. We hope this post made you understand why conversion rate is important and how to make it better on Amazon. 

Learn how to take great pictures of your products for Amazon, and your sales will go through the roof. Check out the effects right now!

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Hi there! I’m the content marketing and branding specialist for AMZ One Step. I work hard to create engaging and informative content that helps our readers learn more about Amazon selling and how to make the most of their businesses. I love spending time with my family and exploring literary works when I’m not writing or working on projects.

Hi there! I'm the content marketing and branding specialist for AMZ One Step. I work hard to create engaging and informative content that helps our readers learn more about Amazon selling and how to make the most of their businesses. I love spending time with my family and exploring literary works when I'm not writing or working on projects.

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