Amazon Product Videos (A Comprehensive Guide for Amazon FBA Beginners)

Amazon Product Videos (A Comprehensive Guide for Amazon FBA Beginners)

Amazon product videos are a powerful way to showcase your product to potential buyers. Videos on Amazon listings pages can help you convert clicks into buyers and improve your Amazon conversion rate.

Amazon product videos are a way for Amazon sellers to stand out and communicate their value proposition in 60 seconds or less. They are a valuable tool that Amazon sellers should be leveraging, but it’s also something that many Amazon sellers are either unaware of or neglect.

If you’re an Amazon seller who has yet to take advantage of Amazon product videos, this blog can help you get started.
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What are Amazon Product Videos?

Amazon product videos are short videos that show off your products in action. They can be used to highlight features, demonstrate use cases, or simply give people an idea of what they’re buying before they buy it!
These product videos are short and sweet but broken down into three essential parts: what it does, how it works, and why you need it.
Product videos help boost the conversion rates because they let you show your product in use, with its features on full display.

why amazon product video

Why should I use them?

The simple answer: You can drastically increase your conversions by upwards of 50%-80%.
Videos help the customer to shop more efficiently by communicating your product to the potential buyer in a short amount of time.
The downside to shopping online is you don’t get to touch the product or test it out and see how it feels.
Video helps to remedy the fact that you can’t physically have the product in front of you by bringing the product to life in a way that images and copy can’t.
The closer you can get the customer to be engaging with your product, the better chance you have at making a sale.
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Who can use Amazon Product Videos?

You will have to be brand registered to upload videos directly to your Amazon listing that will sit beside your photos. If you aren’t already brand registered, you can click the link here to see how you can apply.

That being said, if you’re NOT brand registered, there is still somewhat of a workaround. What you can do is get a friend or family member to use their account and go to your listing (aka this can’t be on your account).

You can use the “Amazon Video Shorts” to upload your video. Scroll down to the video section on the listing and upload the video. Then, fill out the form, and it should be up! When entering information, remember to add any extra SEO words that you can without it sounding unnatural.

Below you’ll be able to see the videos that show below the product information section.

amazon listing detail


Amazon Listing

How do I add a product video to my listing?

1. Head over to Seller Central
2. Click on the “Inventory” tab
Amazon Inventory
3. Click on the “Upload & Manage Videos” tab
amazon video upload
4. Then, you can select the video or drag it from your desktop
video upload amazon
5. Enter a title, enter the product ASINs related to the video, and finally, a thumbnail
Amazon Video details
Types of video for amazon

What type of video should I get done?

The answer is it depends on the type of product you’re selling. But I can give you some options.


Lifestyle videos are great for getting the customer to imagine themselves using the product. What kind of lifestyle are the people going to lead once they start using their product? Or better yet, what kind of lifestyle does your target audience live already – and does your product fit in it? Basically, show how your product is used in real-life settings and show people what experience they can expect to have as a result of using your product.

This Battle Ropes example is perfect for showcasing lifestyle videos. They are an elite exercise brand that shows you exactly how their product fits into your workout regiment.


Highlight the product’s main features and what benefits you can expect to see because of them. Assuming your product has the most competitive features, it can be a great way to entice potential customers to buy.

In this commercial for a crypto wallet, you will see infographics that quickly explain what everything is. For example, you’ll see them mention “Capacitive Touch Screen” and “Operation up to 24 hours.”

Amazon Product Video Instructional

These videos are great if you have a complicated product because sometimes it can be hard to get the message across through just copy and pictures.

It’s much easier to watch someone build a piece of Ikea furniture than to read instructions, right? Well, that same logic applies if the use of your product isn’t as straightforward as shoelaces.

This GVIEWIN commercial is the perfect example of an instructional video. Applying a screen protector isn’t that straightforward, but this short 2-minute video helps you with that. They don’t even have any voiceover, but it does the job perfectly.

Amazon Product Video Testimonial

Social proof is always a great way to convince people it’s the right product for them. Psychologically people feel like they are making the right choice if others have also chosen to use a product.

These types of videos usually feature people who have benefitted from using their product and advocate for its use.

Here’s an example of someone showcasing the issue, and what product they’re using to remedy that problem. The person then explains why the socks are so worth it and show their use in a real-world application.

Product Video Comparison

Is your video drastically better than your competitors? Then showcase it with a comparison video. It’s about as basic as it sounds: show people what features your competitor offers and then show yours. Assuming your product is better in every way, this can be a great way to persuade people to choose your product over someone else.

Keep in mind; you can’t mention any of your competitors’ names in the video. Also, if your product isn’t all that different from your competitors’, then one of the other video types is probably a better choice.

Here’s an example of a Samsung commercial showcasing its benefits while also mocking Apple’s phone. Again they don’t mention the name Apple, but the phones that don’t have the benefits sure look like iPhones.

amazon conversation

Amazon Product Video Conversion

Ah yes, the reason you would create a video for your product in the first place.
Let me break it down for you.
If you have 100 people visit your listing, and then 10 of those people buy your product, then your conversion rate is 10%.
By adding video to your listing, you can see your conversion rate increase 50%-80%. This means 5 to 8 more people out of those 100 are buying your product.
amazon moving video

Amazon Moving Towards Video

If you haven’t noticed, the biggest social media app in the world right now is TikTok. This means that the next generation of consumers is choosing video over text (like with Twitter) or images (like with Instagram).
Amazon sees how impactful videos can be for transferring information, especially ones that are around a minute or less. Their move towards video has been evident with the addition of video ads and videos being available on storefronts as well.

amazon video cost

Amazon Product Videography Cost

A video is what your budget makes it. If you have the budget for a Prius, then you’ll get a Prius, but don’t ask for a Ferrari for the price of a Prius. That logic is the same as with videos.
I can’t put an estimated dollar amount on how much your video will cost because it can vary based on location, models availability, type of model needed, props, etc.
That being said, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot to make a video. If the video is professional-looking and communicates your product’s value proposition well, then it’s doing its job.
If you’re not sure about your needs and budget, AMZ One Step can help. Get a FREE QUOTE via our page, OR contact one of our CSMs for a FREE VIDEO QUOTE. They know how to make compelling Amazon product videos that create the best possible chance for you to convert someone.
amazon video multiple application

The Video Can Be Utilized in Many Different Ways

Having a video for your product is so valuable because not only can it be used on your listing, but it can also be used for PPC ads and for being on your storefront.
amazon product search
As you can see here the option to view the video for this product is presented right in the search results. You don’t even have to be on their listing to view the video!
This is huge because videos are always enticing and you usually grasp the full scope of the product within those 60 seconds.
As a result, you can expect your Click-through Rate (CTR) to see a substantial increase. As this is a relatively new feature too, many people will simply be curious as to how they can view a video from the search results. Improving your CTR means that your product has the chance to rank higher which ultimately leads to more sales.
Many people aren’t using video at all, which means if you have a video, you could have a competitive advantage.
Oh, and don’t forget applications outside of Amazon! You can also use this video on your website or any one of your social media channels.
Amazon video guideline

Amazon Video Creation Guidelines

Here are some of the guidelines to keep in mind when creating your video:

  • The video should be of good quality.
  • The entire video should be in English.
  • The person uploading must be the brand owner, and the product has to be yours.
  • Must not include any defamatory or derogatory statements.
  • All statements made about the product must be factual.
  • All claims should be supported by evidence.
  • No controversial, sensitive, or sexually suggestive content.
  • No health or medical claims.
  • Cannot include any prices, promotion information, discount claims, or time-sensitive information.
  • Must not direct viewers away from Amazon’s page.
  • Cannot include contact information.
  • Must not infringe on another’s intellectual property rights.
  • Cannot show any “banned” products such as alcohol.
  • If any comparisons are made, they must be accurate.
  • Must not include any customer reviews that contain inaccurate information.



Videos can be immensely impactful, and everyone selling on Amazon should have one on their listing. As of right now, the function is being severely underutilized, so if you add a video to your listing, you will be gaining an edge over the competition.

I hope this blog has helped explain Amazon product videos better, and again if you need help with creating one, don’t hesitate to contact us. ​Click here to book your FREE CONSULTATION!


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