The Briefer History of Amazon Listing Optimisation

The Briefer History of Amazon Listing Optimisation

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There are some factors in Amazon Listing Optimisation that most of them don’t even care of.  Giving a little importance to those areas can make your brand strong in the e-commerce platform. Here are some topics that you need to have a glance at:


Bundling the products:

You might have seen a section below the product description “Customers who bought this has also brought” section which lists the products that can be brought along with the product that you are seeing. Amazon Sellers must try this feature of bundling the products that allow to create new products, add them to the catalogue and be the seller of the whole bundle or the particular product. Try finding the best combo for the product you sell. This is also a great strategy to perform Amazon Listing Optimisation


Try using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA):

Amazon Sellers have a shipping option, which lets Amazon handle the shipment. Amazon can handle the packing and shipping. the seller can send the ordered item to the Amazon Warehouse, and then Amazon takes care of the packaging and shipping.  In addition to that Amazon takes care of the customer service and returns. But all this has a cost and this cost is based on the size of the products. The Amazon Sellers has no other go than to choose this option if the Seller needs to ship the products to customers at different states. In Amazon Listing Optimisation, you need to optimise your product page so that it gets approved for Fulfillment by Amazon.


Try using Amazon Prime:

According to the latest survey, there are over 54 million Amazon Prime users in the world, and it is growing every day. And a prime user spends an average of 1000$ a year, which is greater than that of the non-prime user expenditure. So, targeting the Prime users are more effective than targeting the non-prime users. Amazon Listing Optimisation(home page) services let your product eligible for the Amazon Prime.


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