How Attractive Product Packaging Improves Amazon FBA Reviews?

How Attractive Product Packaging Improves Amazon FBA Reviews?

You are suddenly bombarded by a wide variety of items in bright colors when you enter a grocery shop or supermarket. The red and white of a Coca-Cola is readily apparent. Anyone who has come across these famous brands knows exactly who they are. Customers can react emotionally just by looking at the colors. 

Online retailers apply the same guidelines. However, how do you create a visual identification for your brand that makes people feel the same way? Let’s start with the package, then.

Creating a Memorable First Impression On Amazon FBA

Support for Clients

The seller has many opportunities to pamper the buyer and provide them with a memorable purchasing experience when they use an insert card. Take some time to reflect on the material and consider the needs and benefits you hope to bring about. 

Donating money or other items is superfluous. Finding out more about the product and how it works could make customers happy.

 Show Personalized Process

You can promote relevant bundles or similar products if you know your customers’ preferences. It would be reasonable to recommend other products from the same brand to a customer who has purchased shampoo for damaged and dry hair. 

Not only may you include free samples in the box, but you can also showcase featured items and explain their benefits. An outstanding example of customer service that will increase ratings and promote repeat transactions is using product inserts in such a way.

Save Money on Advertising

One of the various advertising alternatives available to Amazon sellers is pay-per-click advertising. Having said that, printed promotional items are not to be ignored. 

The insert card may be uncomplicated at first glance, but it is a very effective and inexpensive promotional tool. Half of the time, businesses who use Amazon inserts hear back from customers, according to experts.

 Provide Help

Provide the customer with useful information by transforming the Amazon product insert. An extended warranty is one such example. Incorporate the user guide to facilitate the product’s eco-friendly assembly and disposal processes. Make your customer’s life easier by including the product’s applicability in a checklist. 

Advise on how to improve your performance in your chosen area, whether that’s in the kitchen, as a parent, or in terms of creativity.

Build Commitment

It is easier to hold on to an existing customer than to find a new one, as you may have heard. Always keep in mind that including discounts, recommendations, free samples, gifts, or even just words of appreciation in your packaging will make shoppers feel extra special.

 Also, know your audience inside and out and be prepared to go above and above for them. You may deepen your connections with current consumers and inspire greater loyalty from them with the right Amazon insert cards. 

Build Your Credibility

Customers will always notice when you add value to your products. Reviews, mentions, and recommendations from friends and family are just as successful as ads. If you ever have doubts about the efficacy of this strategy, just think about how you feel when a server offers you a cookie with your coffee.

Get the Word Out About Your Brand

Being familiar with a brand impacts both the initial purchase decision and the subsequent purchasing experience. This is why the Amazon insert card you create must reflect your brand’s values.

4-Point Guidelines for Creating Optimal Amazon Product Packaging

Making sure your Amazon product photography and packaging follow Amazon’s guidelines and TOS is the first step; the next is to give it some personality and attention to its aesthetics. Give some thought to the following:

Decipherable Design

Your goal as a salesperson should be to make everything clear and easy to understand. Users get a sense of belonging and safety when product details are presented in an easily comprehensible manner. The same holds for the packaging and listing images of your products on Amazon.

 Keeping things simple and avoiding unnecessary or superfluous content on your package is the aim. Misunderstandings are unacceptable. As a result, they may go with a competing brand instead of yours.

Information on How to Get in Touch

While it is no longer required for Amazon-registered businesses to do so, providing clients with your official contact information is always a good idea. It shows a lot about a company’s customer service that their contact information is easy to find and use.

Product Inserts

Amazon sellers can make use of personalized product inserts to promote their products and offer customer support opportunities. Your products and services are advertised on these little pieces of paper or cards, which frequently ask for evaluations and comments from buyers. 

By pointing clients in the direction of your website and social media accounts, they frequently act as a direct follow-up on your behalf. These tokens are a wonderful way to show your consumers how much you appreciate them while also introducing them to other things that your business offers.

Make the Customer’s Life Easier

How many of you enjoy the excitement of peeling off multiple layers of packing when you receive a package? For those who are concerned about the environment and loathe wasting paper, this would be an additional annoyance.

 Therefore, you must always guarantee minimal packaging that promotes consumer convenience while also protecting the environment. Your consumers’ experience when unwrapping your products will be greatly enhanced by ergonomic designs that enable easy but robust packing.

Avoid Three Pitfalls On Amazon FBA

Getting Reviews Using Deceptive Means

According to Amazon’s terms of service, it is deemed manipulative or deceptive to appeal to customers’ emotions with statements like “we are a small, household business” or that they should “only support American sellers” before asking for a product review. 

Zero sales will result from the suspension or permanent termination of your account caused by violating any rule imposed by the brand.

Promoting Incentive Feedback

You can certainly include a feedback request in your product insert, but you should use extreme caution when crafting the phrase you choose. Substitute “neutral” for “positive” when requesting reviews and reviews. 

Put it this way: “We would be grateful if you could provide us with a favorable review,” but “We would love to hear your experience with us” would fit much better. In addition to violating Amazon’s Terms of Service, such biased requests come across as inappropriate and lack professionalism.

Furthermore, offering free coupons or discounts as an incentive for feedback is also against the rules. Sure, you can throw in some discounts or coupons but don’t expect a glowing review in return.

 To provide an unbiased evaluation, your customers must try your products out for themselves. The goal is to maintain an open and equitable trading procedure.

 Directing Clients To Other Sources

Distracting consumers from Amazon is something you absolutely must not do. A product’s packaging insert must adhere to Amazon’s Terms of Service, even if it could be more lucrative to direct them to your website.

 Including your social network handles and store email, there must not be any “call to action” phrases or terms that discourage them.

What Is The Updated Amazon FBA Product Insert Policy?

Before we go into the best practices for using product inserts, let’s review Amazon’s policy on the matter so you can avoid infractions and potential account suspension.  Amazon is most concerned when sellers use product inserts to solicit specific feedback or give incentives to buyers in return for positive ratings. 

Selling a consumer a discount, refund, freebie, or other form of payment in return for a review is completely against Amazon’s terms of service and might lead to the suspension of your account. 

Amazon takes review policies very seriously because they want their customers to be able to trust that all reviews are genuine. If you want to know more, you can look at Amazon’s policy on seller central customer reviews. 

You risk fines, account suspension, or maybe account termination if you don’t follow Amazon’s regulations. To stay away from problems like this, be sure you know the rules.

Pick the Perfect Product Packaging 

Although there are no hard and fast rules about product packaging, it is wise to be familiar with your alternatives before deciding on Amazon. 

Bag Packaging

If you’re selling loose goods, the simplest and most affordable packaging option is a bag. Even if you embellish your bags with brand features, they will fall short of the perceived value of a beautifully designed package. 

There is a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials used to make bags. The bags that you’re most likely to encounter are plastic or poly. 

Sleeve Packaging

 It’s usually just a cardboard fold that lets a lot of branding elements shine. Although they are durable, the design of the packaging leaves products exposed to the weather. To protect against harm, we suggest putting the items in poly bags. 

Box Packaging

When it comes to Amazon packing, the most common type is the box. It protects the product and is strong. In addition, there is a lot of room for suppliers to effectively mark their products on box packing. 

Get Amazon Package Insert Power

It takes more than Amazon guidelines to succeed with packaging inserts. Instead, discover how merchants make excellent product inserts.

 Choose a Marketing Objective

Decide on your marketing objective first. As an example, what is your goal? Collecting more reviews, promoting additional things, or making the customer’s experience better with what they have already purchased?

 It is inefficient and might even be against Amazon’s policy to try to cram numerous calls to action onto a single insert card.

Think Out The Box

Make sure the insert card stands out by using eye-catching colors and sturdy material. Consider how to use the right tone and storytelling to convey the material in a way that is not boring or superficial. 

To make sure there are no typos or other mistakes, proofread the material. Achieving a positive brand perception and showing consumer value are your top priorities.

Ensure Proper Size for Business Cards

Insert cards work well when they are slightly larger than a standard business card (3.5 x 2 inches). Also, it needs to feel well in the buyer’s hands.

 Minimize Word Count

When seeking an innovative strategy, keep your language simple. Keep in mind the suggested insert card size and do your best to fit the information in a way that is easy to read and comprehend. To set the tone before your call to action, add a brief introduction.

 Provide Discounts

With a discount applied on the next order, both the buyer and seller are pleased. You have the option to use a percentage off the total, a monetary amount off, free delivery, or even a freebie. Since the email can go to spam, it’s best to use a paper card to deliver it.

Highlight Related Items

You may easily upsell to your current clients because they are already familiar with your brand and services. Determine what customers want so you can provide them with what they need or what they need to finish off their purchases. Keep in mind that offering free samples or discounts can increase sales.

Leverage the Power of Content

The small size of product insert cards makes them all the more important to be eye-catching and striking. 

Clients will ignore your message and toss the paper in the bin if you don’t. Verify that the design corresponds to the things you sell, embodies the brand’s identity, and conveys the core message. The review criteria and Terms of Service (TOS) of Amazon must also be satisfied by the insert card.

 Integrate the Company’s Logo

Customers will still be able to recognize your brand, but they won’t be able to go to your website. Connect with your customers on a more personal level and boost your company’s reputation by taking advantage of this little branding opportunity.

 Make sure to build an Amazon product insert template; adding a personal touch makes any message more enjoyable.

Include Warranties Or Manuals

Customers have a better experience when they have access to product information like warranties or instructions. Plus, the client’s happiness is directly proportional to the amount of benefits he obtains. Loyalty, sales, and a decrease in unfavorable reviews are further benefits.

Offer a Present

Giving a present is a great way to express your individuality. Offering a spare part or battery to the buyer is one good example. Put some less valuable but still beautiful corporate goods in the box. The most important thing is to not request a review before proceeding. Surprise your client instead to boost the likelihood of good feedback.

QR Codes 

Advertising with QR codes might be a huge success. They help your promotional communications convert better by reducing the client’s workload. By scanning a QR code, consumers can be sent to a product page where they can easily redeem coupons and other savings.

Forget About Your Website

It is Amazon’s constant goal to keep its customers from looking elsewhere. It is forbidden to include any links or QR codes that direct users to any third-party websites. Amazon may lose business if you redirect traffic to your corporate platform, no matter how attractive it is.

 Stay Neutral

Directly requesting positive reviews is not an option. Amazon sellers should avoid using emotionally charged words like “5-star,” “positive,” “satisfied,” and “happy” in their product packaging. It is not acceptable to ask for a review in addition to discounts or freebies. 

Contacting the company directly in the event of a bad experience is not allowed. Asking for objective comments on how to do it is your only option.

Alternatives for Testing

It is not simply PPC campaigns that can benefit from trying out different things. Experiment with Amazon product insert card templates that have different designs and call-to-actions (CTAs). Before you compare the findings, devise a tracking technique to determine if the tests should be run simultaneously or at various times.

Time-Changing Amazon Creatives

Products’ packaging evolves with time. Product protection and first impressions are the main packaging goals during the introduction. To encourage purchasing, packaging should represent the product’s worth and quality.

  • Growth-stage packaging reinforces and differentiates brands. The packaging must stand out and reinforce brand identification as the product acquires popularity.
  • Packaging matures to encourage repeat purchases and customer pleasure. Keep the same high standards and remind clients of their pleasant product experience on the box.
  • In decline, packing can clear inventory and increase sustainability. Recyclable or reusable packaging shows customers your environmental responsibility.

Machine Learning-Powered Optimization

Making Use of Technology in Packaging

Using machine learning, Amazon FBA has been able to decrease packaging waste and guarantee that products are packaged in the appropriate sizes of boxes or mailers. Flexible packaging (mailers and bags) is more sustainable and 75% lighter than comparable-sized boxes, therefore the technology tells which products work with it. 

Avoiding Plastics and Other Considerations

Amazon wants to eliminate plastic packaging like many others. While lightweight, waterproof, and requiring fewer resources, plastics are tougher to recycle and typically require customers to take them to a drop-off place.

Amazon FBA Stressless Packaging

Problems opening a package reduce the joy of receiving a new item. Too much packaging and boxes are annoying to throw away and destructive to the environment. 

Amazon offers Frustration Free Packaging and other packaging programs for Amazon FBA sellers. Sellers can package their products frustration-free:

  • Cost-effective
  • Protective
  • Simple to open
  • Low packaging waste

Amazon requires a certification for program participation:

  • Amazon Seller Central enrollment
  • Sharing packaging photographs for review
  • Sending samples to Amazon’s packaging certification lab for transit testing

Hire a Designer

The lifetime value of your product can range from several thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even the most cynical Amazon expert will tell you that hiring a designer to create custom packaging for your products is money well spent. 

If you hire a good designer, people will think your product is much better. Packaging that highlights your product’s or brand’s best features is within their capabilities. In addition, they are well-versed in the now-trending styles that will give your goods an edge in the market. 

You should ask your supplier for the die cuts before contacting a designer; this will give them the boxing plans to work with. 

Designing Amazon FBA Products for the AR Era

Packaging design benefits from AR include:

  • AR may bring packaging to life, letting people hold, learn about, and experience things in their homes.
  • AR interactive packaging keeps customers interested and makes unboxing more memorable.
  • AR can give buyers product instructions, care advice, and user reviews.
  • AR can recommend products and offer customized promos.

Integrating AR into Amazon Packaging

AR can be added to Amazon packaging in several ways. Smartphones and tablets may scan QR codes or NFC tags to launch AR experiences. AR-enabled labels or package components can be interacted with in real life.

Amazon has several AR-enhanced packaging samples. Sephora lets shoppers try on makeup before buying it, while Nike lets them try on sneakers.

What AR Can Do for Amazon Sellers

  • AR may make unboxing more memorable and engaging, increasing consumer happiness and loyalty.
  • AR’s unique product showcases can attract new customers and boost revenue.
  • AR is new, thus many Amazon sellers aren’t using it. Selling with AR packaging differentiates sellers from the competition and increases market share.

Amazon FBA Real-Life Case Studies

Native Deodorant

The packaging of Native Deodorant is basic but attractive. The product stands out on shelves with its bold colors and minimalist design. Packaging reflects the brand’s natural, effective, and sustainable ideals.


Packing is 100% recyclable and constructed from recycled materials. This demonstrates the brand’s sustainability. A perforated tab makes the box easy to open and use.

Olly Nutrition

Bright colors and amusing images make Olly Nutrition’s packaging enjoyable. This matches the brand’s young adult audience. The product’s natural ingredients and simple swallowing are also highlighted on the box.

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Hi there! I’m the content marketing and branding specialist for AMZ One Step. I work hard to create engaging and informative content that helps our readers learn more about Amazon selling and how to make the most of their businesses. I love spending time with my family and exploring literary works when I’m not writing or working on projects.

Hi there! I'm the content marketing and branding specialist for AMZ One Step. I work hard to create engaging and informative content that helps our readers learn more about Amazon selling and how to make the most of their businesses. I love spending time with my family and exploring literary works when I'm not writing or working on projects.

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